Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today I Enter A New Decade....

Man that stinks just to read that. I think subconsciously I'm trying to look younger today on purpose. In my life, I've always wanted to look more mature thinking that I would be taken more seriously if I at least looked older. Yeah, well, today - I don't care to be taken seriously. I just want to not look THIRTY!! Gosh, I gag just thinking that!

On the brighter side of it, this year, I really am going to make a difference in my life. I'm going to be more focused on my family, my friends, my work, and my health. I hope that by the time the next birthday rolls around that I can say this was a great year. It's kind of interesting that my birthday comes right around the time of New Year's resolutions. I think this year, I'm going to make some big ones and do my best to stick with them. I commented on another friend's blog and said that one resolution I will make that I'm SURE I can keep is that I won't stab anyone. That is, I won't stab anyone until someone calls me Grandma again (APRIL). As long as everyone else keeps away from the nastiness that is name-calling, I should be able to keep my resolution.

You know what I think is funny? The fact that the word "blog" comes up as a misspelled word on this thing. That's sort of ironic, don't you think?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Updates

In lieu of lots of story time from the past weekend, I'll just post some pics in hope you get a glimpse into my world.

One of the first bouts of gift opening frenzy at our casa. Rachel loves the hat! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! Doesn't Daddy look spectacular in the Santa hat?! I sure think so.

Rachel decided it was WAY more fun to open the presents than to actually see what they were or play with them. She got really excited when we would say "you wanna open some presents?!" because she just loved tearing the paper and throwing the tissue paper around.

My step sister gave Rachel a Dora backpack and I said "You can take that with you to school" - which is what we call it when she goes to Kids Day Out at church one day a week......

.....she thought I meant we were going to school right then. :) Too cute!

Christmas morning started early this year. Rules were Big Sister was NOT allowed to go into the living room without coming to get us first. If she did, there would be serious consequences. Well, she was up at 3:30AM - yes, I said 3:30AM - and came into our room and said, "I went in to check and see if Santa ate his cookies and HE DID!!" Mike and I both I think just had the air deflated out of us at that moment. I heard him whisper to her that he was VERY disappointed in her and that she should not have done that. "Did you see what he brought you?" he asked. No, she apparently said she just saw a big box and that he'd eaten his cookies. Yeah, right. Whatever. She felt really bad later that morning when we had the discussion about how kids got their presents from Santa and the gifts that parents get are to see the reactions their children have when they discover what Santa has left for them. Bless her heart, she's so honest and I really don't think that will be a problem in years to come. I think she kinda understood that by her sneaking in early, it took some of the blessing away from Daddy and me. That hurt her more than any punishment we could have given her. But we had fun with Santa's presents anyway.

Each year I usually get that one gift that makes me cry. Until yesterday, I thought I had this year licked! I hadn't cried over a gift once! Well, that all went down the toilet when our dear friends came over and I opened this....

.....yeah. Exactly. I had no idea she'd taken this picture and yes, I cried. It's a precious purse that I will carry with me proudly! Thanks, Michelle!! What a special gift!!

And this is our family at church Sunday morning. It was a real blessing to be in church celebrating the real reason for this season. We had such a blessed Christmas holiday this year and it will be one that will be remembered for many years to come. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends. Now it's on to 2006 and lots of new memories to be made. Make the best of every day because each day is a gift. We're not promised tomorrow, so enjoy all your blessings to the fullest and from our house to yours, Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Today, we're heading over to my mom's to spend the night and then will head over to Dad's in the morning for breakfast and presents and then back to mom's for lunch and more presents. It will be a fun time with Mamaw & Poppy and Grandma & Grandpa. We'll also get to see my step siblings who I never get to visit with, so that will be nice. Of course, I'm anxious to show off my little charmer and let her do all her tricks for everyone!

You know, when I was a kid, I wanted to show off anything I could do and say "look at me!" and now I'm totally showing off my kid like a little trained monkey and saying "look what Rachel can do!!". This is much more fun now, though.

Saturday, we'll head back home to prepare for Santa's arrival and church on Sunday. We still don't have a particular plan on how we're gonna work in breakfast, presents, church, lunch, etc, but we'll figure it out and it'll be great! I'm so excited to see my kids' reactions to all their presents! I swear, if I didn't get a darn thing this year, that would be totally ok as long as I get to watch the girls open their gifts and get excited about what they have. I have had an absolute blast shopping for them and could REALLY go overboard on spending where they are concerned. I wish I could give them everything, but alas, we're not the Trumps.

One last sad note, I'll turn 30 next week. I have mixed emotions about this birthday. On one hand, it's pretty cool and I think maybe I'll finally think I've arrived at adulthood. On the other hand, I'm not this old! REALLY!! I mean thirty?!?!?!?! I just remember that show thirtysomething and remember thinking those people were so "old" and that I would never get to that age and now, here I am. Gosh.

OH! I found out last night that my husband has some hidden obsessive compulsive tendancies that I really didn't know about. Very interesting. I'll write more on that after Christmas, as I'm sure I will have discovered even more by then.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Memories

I think she's a smidge excited about getting to open more presents. We've already had present opening fun with a couple sets of grandparents and there's still more to be done. I'm looking forward to being at home this year also. Last year was the first year that we were at our house on Christmas morning. All the other years we've traveled to visit family, but last year, hubby put his foot down and said "We're staying here!" I was glad to start that tradition with Rachel because that's what I had known all my years until I got married.

I loved being at home and getting up before the sun to see what Santa had left for me! I specifically remember one Christmas when I was about 10 years old or so and I had started to have my doubts about the big man in red. I don't know if the kids at school were talking about it or if I'd heard something on TV that was persuading me to believe that anyone other than Santa left the wonderful gifts under my tree each Christmas Eve, but I was starting to wonder. That year, I wanted a Barbie Dream House. My cousin had one and I was so envious. This particular cousin had so many fun toys. She was an only child and was a tad bit spoiled according to my standards at the time. But I so wanted that dream house like she had! So I thought I'd give it one last shot to see if Santa really was real and I asked for a Barbie Dream House. Those were expensive back in the day to a family with meager means, so I thought if I was gonna have one, it would have to come from Santa because I just didn't think my parents could have afforded it. Christmas Eve came and I was nestled all snug in my bed wondering what I would find under the tree when I woke the next morning. Christmas morning finally came and I crawled out of bed, almost unexcited about my upcoming discovery. My parents always wanted us to make sure they were up and tree-side and camera ready before we came in to see Santa's gifts and this year was no exception. I walked lazily into the living room once my parents were in place and lo and behold, there beside the Christmas Tree sat a dazzling Barbie Dream house!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! In fact, my mom has pictures of me rubbing my eyes, then one with my hands over my mouth, and one just totally amazed! I think my first words that morning were "THERE REALLY IS A SANTA CLAUS!!!" I was sure there was no one other than Santa that could have left that dream house under my tree! That was one of the most memorable Christmas mornings ever.

Of course, when I went to my cousin's house the next time, she had lots of fun furniture and accessories and when I asked where she got them, she said they came in the box with the house. Hmmmmm...... her dream house came in a box and had accessories? That's odd. As the year went on, I realized that it probably was my parents that purchased the house from me and on into my adult years after I lost the innocence and wonder of my childhood, my mom sadly broke the news to me that yes, the blessed Barbie Dream House had been purchased at a garage sale and didn't have all the original parts.

No matter how the dream house was acquired, it was just that - a DREAM house. For at least that one day, I had no doubts whatsoever in the reality and magic of Santa. And as I grew older and realized exactly what my parents did for me in doing everything they could to get just what I wanted, I have no doubt whatsoever the reality and magic of the love my parents had for me. Especially now that I have my own daughter and it's now my desire to want to give her everything she ever wants, I know exactly what my parents were thinking and feeling that special Christmas morning. So Mom and Dad, if you're reading this - Thanks. And I love you.

Friday, December 16, 2005

What the.....????

The Apprentice. Randall. Selfish scum.

I'm still stunned and very disappointed in Randall. I thought he really did do a good job and if there was one person to choose over the other, I probably would have chosen Randall. However, the fact that he supposedly has thought so highly of Rebecca up to this point and that she wasn't a threat on his getting picked or what job he would have really makes me wonder about his honesty the whole time. PLUS, I'm a little bit miffed at Trump. He's the dadgum leader of this whole deal and supposedly can do whatever he wants to do. Why in the world did he let RANDALL decide if Rebecca was also hired?! Hello??? Why would he have offered something like that to Rebecca and dangle it in her face only to let it be yanked right away from her. That is SO uncool!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's not even 8am.....

I'm in trouble. My morning is going down hill at a rapid pace! I woke up LATE this morning to a barking dog and a ringing doorbell. The little guy I babysit was already here and I'd overslept! SUCK! OH, and I had just been pulled out of a dream that was a bit on the inappropriate side considering I'm not still in the dating world. I hate those!!!!!! Then after I made myself some coffee, I burned my mouth on that because I wasn't paying attention to the weirdness of the cup I decided to drink from. It's shaped a bit differently and the contents seem to come out quite fast and unexpectedly if you're not being careful. Then, Rachel was asking for juice..... yeah, still don't have milk but I don't get any cereal either....... and as I was pouring her juice into her cup, I knocked it over with my arm right down onto my cabinets and a rug on which I was just wondering yesterday how in the world I'm supposed to get it clean. Now, this is no ordinary juice. This is RED juice that spilled on my WHITE cabinets. This is not a good thing. And here it is before 8am. This is not a good sign. Although, I think this gives me an excuse to repaint my cabinets. I already have hair dye in one little spot from about 2 months ago and now this. I should just redo my whole kitchen. That would make me feel better. Oh and at least I didn't break my coffee pot - knock on wood - or that might have sent me over the edge. I would have been dragging these kids out to the nearest convenient store for my caffiene fix. And Lord help me on what will happen between now and noon if this is how things are going so far.

OH!! Addition!! 8:30am - my child now has yellow highligher marks on her face and neck because Negligent & Unattentive Mommy left out her highlighter last night and baby girl decided it would be oh so fun to mark all over herself!!! Jesus, help me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Does it make me a bad mom....

....because I gave my daughter juice this morning instead of milk because I didn't know if I gave her a sippy full of milk if there would be enough for my cereal? So I didn't give her milk. I gave her apple juice. I ate my cereal. And now I feel bad..... because I still have enough milk to put cream in my coffee, too. I'll probably get sick this morning and vomit up my cereal because I was so selfish.

Monday, December 12, 2005

You may now refer to me as Your Majesty!

I'm a QUEEN!!!!!

Yes, I know most of you knew this already (ha) but Ellen over at The Reign of Ellen has crowned me one of her queens! YIPPEE!!! She has serious artisitc abilities and has done a fabulous job with the queens that have previously been crowned and with writing her blog. She's so entertaining to read each day and definitely always gives me a chuckle. You all should go over and say howdy to her.

Up next, my upcoming birthday.........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I've been tagged by SlushTurtle! You know, I was really rather excited to see my name on her tag list! It made me feel important, included. So, thanks, Slush! You've given me warm fuzzies! :)

7 things I want to do before I die:
1. Have a baby boy
2. Become a National Sales Director with Mary Kay
3. Live in the house of my dreams
4. See my kids marry wonderful people
5. Fit into a single digit size clothing again (for the first time since I was about 12)
6. Be financially secure enough to not worry about money, or rather the lack of money
7. Travel to some places I’ve always wanted to see – Paris, London, Rome, Kenya, Germany, somewhere in the orient, the Carribean, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago to see Oprah – and visit a couple other places I have been like Disney World and Hawaii

7 things I cannot do:
1. Juggle
2. Hit a golf ball
3. Hurt my kids intentionally
4. Loose weight, apparently
5. Watch something sad without crying
6. Sing like I want to
7. Buy clothes that aren’t on sale… I just can’t do it!

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Wit
2. Relationship with God
3. Intelligence
4. Sports abilities (not that I have any, but….)
5. Lips/Kissing (let it be known that my hubby is the best kisser E-V-E-R!!)
6. The way he relates to other people
7. Singing abilities (my husband has NONE, but it’s still an attractive feature about a guy)

7 things I say most often:
1. Oh my gosh!
2. Dadgummit!
3. Rachel Faith!!
4. Give Mommy BIG hugs!!
5. Give Mommy kisses!
6. I love you so much!!
7. “You wanna watch…” (Dora, The Wiggles, C-lella, etc.) yeah, so my kids watch a lot of TV. But my kid can count to 10 in Spanish and she’s not even two yet, thanks to Dora! It can’t be all bad, right?

7 celebrity crushes:
1. Matthew McConnaughey - I’m sorry, but if I hadn’t married Mike, I would have found this man and married him! Either that, or just stalked him like a crazy woman!
2. Brad Pitt - even though he totally dissed my girl Jen, I still can't help the fact that he's so hot.
3. Tom Hanks - all around great guy
4. George Clooney - there's just something about him... a little bit of bad boy, but oh so GQ
5. Nick Lachey - Gotta love the smile and dimples
6. Will Smith - He makes me laugh. Plus, he looks like the black version of this guy I used to date!
7. Tim McGraw - Just hot.... smokin' hot!

7 people I want to do this:
Anyone who reads my blog that hasn’t already been tagged…… I think that leaves about two of you.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Updates and Pictures

I had a great Thanksgiving this year. My family and I went over to some friends' house for a day of glutton and oh what fun it was! My hubby was so excited to get to fry a turkey. I must say, it was one of the juiciest birds I've ever had the privilege of devouring! We had all the fixin's as well. I'm still full from that day, but oh was it worth it.

Last Friday, I did what I had never dared to do before - I was at the stores before they opened to grab the good deals on Black Friday. I was up before 4am and was at Kohl's by 4:30 to stand in the freezing cold so I could get in early and buy up every Dora toy they had at half price. I got some good deals, people. I stood in line to check out there after about 15 minutes of power shopping then headed on over to Target where, after standing in line for more than 30 minutes and freezing even more, I got even more good deals. I was very pleased with my accomplishments on this fun early morning. After my shopping escapades, I'm 97% finished with my Christmas shopping. WOOHOO!!!

Tis the season to dress up my child in cutie patootie Christmas clothes and bows! I'm so excited!

Isn't she the cutest?! Her shirt shows a Christmas package with a tag that says "From Grandpa with love". Do you think if she wears that to see "GeePaw" this weekend that he'll give her a dollar? I think so!

We took a photo opportunity yesterday morning before church. It took a while to get Rachel to cooperate with Daddy and the camera, but I think we finally got something.....

Oh and the lovely little scrape on her mouth is where she decided it'd be great fun to whack her face into the stair case. Yeah, not so much fun after all. I thought that was such great timing here right before Christmas picture season and all. Oh well. It will be something we can always remember.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Her Future's So Bright...

...she's gotta wear shades! Rachel wore these most of the morning and Katie has manicure items in hand. Looks to me like Rachel is the diva and Katie is her beauty assistant.... :) It sort of reminds me of Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta Jones in America's Sweetheart.

Chocolate Gravy

..... one of my all time favorite things for breakfast (next to Krispy Kreme's, of course). Last week when my grandma was here, she showed me her famous method of making Chocolate Gravy. I have had this lovely treat since birth. This is something my granny is famous for among our family. Many have tried and failed to duplicate Gran's recipe. See, Gran doesn't measure anything with the standard measuring devices. This creates a problem for those of us trying to copy her. So, during her visit, I asked her to supervise me and tell me exactly what to do as I made the chocolate (when you are familiar with this dish, all you need to say is "chocolate") and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!! And it was GOOD!! I tried again today to make some and I tell you, I think I've got it down! Of course, I have the little pot that my granny has made this stuff in for ever and ever. She gave it to me several months ago and as long as I have that particular pot and the spoon I used when she showed me, I feel confident I can continue to know how to make it. Take the pot and spoon away and, well, I'd just have to give up ever trying to make it again. I think if this pot and spoon hold up, it will be one of those things that I pass down to my grandchildren and say "you know, back when I was a young lady (yeah, y'all don't laugh there) my grandmother taught me how to make chocolate in this very pot...."

Friday, November 18, 2005

Worn Out

This week has been a busy one for me and I'm tired! My mom, step dad, and grandma came over on Tuesday night and spent the night. I cooked a big meal for them, which I enjoy doing, but it wore me out. I fixed a turkey and the fixin's as though it were Thanksgiving, but man, was it all good!! Gran has stayed with me since Tuesday. She hasn't ever been over to spend an extended period of time with me and we've really had a good time. I enjoy her being here and helping her do things. She's really helped me, too. Like today, she helped me clean my house for a Mary Kay party I had this afternoon. I don't know what it is, but to have someone help clean my house just gives me warm fuzzies!! I LOVE IT!!! That, to me, is a true sign that someone cares. The only thing that is about to drive me crazy is that she talks constantly through any TV show I'm trying to watch. Last night, I was into the story on Without A Trace and she was telling me some story of some guy who "got him a bite to eat" and some other stuff I didn't really pay much attention to. For the love of Pete, wait til a COMMERCIAL!! However, we have had fun, so I can't complain too much. I'll take her back home tomorrow and life will get back to almost normal - except I'll have a cleaner house.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Shoes From Hates

I've decided to throw away a certain pair of shoes I have that are most likely out of style now anyway. Why, you ask? Let me tell you why.

Wednesday night, I went to a neighbor's house to drop off a packet to her. When I rang the doorbell, I thought this dude doesn't look familiar, but oh well. I asked him if he could give the packet to Jenni. He looked at me a little funny, but said he could make sure she got it. I thanked him and started back to my car. As I turned to head back to my car, I THOUGHT I was walking on the sidewalk, though I couldn't really tell for the million LEAVES that were all over the place, and I proceeded to step just ever so slightly far enough to twist the crap out of my foot!!! I limped my way back to my car in shame and through the nausea that was setting in due to the excruciating pain, I realized it was the WRONG HOUSE!!! I swalled my pride and limped back up to the door. I sheepishly rang the doorbell again and said "I just dropped off that packet and I think I got the wrong house"..... "Yes, she lives next door" he said. I took the packet from the guy and limped across the yard over to my friend's house and actually got it into the right hands this time. I then limped back to my van and drove the 2 blocks back to my house. I tore my stupid shoes off as quickly as I got into the house and was about to drive myself to the hospital because my foot HURT!!!

Hubby wasn't too far from coming home and when he got here I told him I was pretty sure I'd broken my foot and he needed to fix it. Yeah, by that time, I wasn't really in my right mind. He got a bag of frozen peas from the freezer (these make great ice packs, btw) and tried putting that on my foot. Well, I just about came flying off the couch! The pressure of anything touching my foot, much less something that was about a thousand degrees below zero nearly sent me through the roof! I decided I should call my orthopedic friend and see what he advised. I told him my symptoms and he said it didn't sound broken and as long as I could stand the pain, it would probably be ok to wait until the next morning to go to the doctor.

Yesterday morning, I visited the doctor's office that I never go to. When someone even asks me who my family doctor is, I don't know what to tell them because I never have to go! So I get there and wait........and wait........and wait......... and Mike is with me about to go NUTS and finally 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time, they take me to another place to WAIT! Mike was about to blow a gasket and without him having to say anything, I could tell his wheels were turning on how he could figure out a way to run this office more efficiently. About an hour and a half after my scheduled appointment time, they get me in to x-ray. From that point, it seemed to go a little quicker. The doctor I had was wearing a bow-tie. He was probably in his late 30's and very friendly. I liked him and instantly trusted him. He did say I didn't have a broken foot and that the only broken thing I would need to mend was my pride.

So, I came home yesterday, put my foot up, and got to rest and watch my soap opera. That was nice. Although, if you remember in a previous post I talked about how much I love Thursdays. Yeah, well, yesterday was NOT one of those Thursdays that I loved. I hope next week is better.

In case you wondered, I'll no longer be wearing those shoes. They have thick soles and I've tripped more than a few times because of them. Therefore, they are now being designated for the trash man.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Customer Service?

In my last post, I talked about the 'extra' friendly guy behind the microphone at Taco Bell. Well, last night, I had the opposite experience at McDonald's.
I pulled up to the mic and the guy says,

"Order when your ready".

No "Welcome to McDonald's." No nothing. I thought it a bit strange, but whatever. So I ordered my coke and fries (yes, I know - another nutritious snack).

"Three ten" says the mic guy.

He didn't say "Will that be all for you?" "Please pull forward" " the first window". Nothing.

So, I go from almost uncomfortable, overzealous friendliness at Taco Bell to Mr. No Personality and Zero Customer Service at McDonald's. I think I should see what happens at Wendy's or Sonic. Or maybe I just need to knock out fast food all together? My waistline would appreciate that for sure.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"How you doin'?"

Sunday after church, we headed for the drive through at Taco Bell. Yes, I know. Nutritious Sunday lunch, huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyway... here's the exchange between us and the guy on the other side of the microphone:

Guy: "Hey. Welcome to Taco Bell. How you doin'?"

Us: huh? "Um, we'd like to order now?"

Guy: "Cool."

Us: "Ok, we'd like a taco salad, two meat and cheese soft tacos, and a Nachos Bell Grande."

Guy: "Sweet. Ok, that's a taco salad, two meat and cheese soft tacos, and a Nachos Bell Grande. Do you want any cokes or anything to go with that?"

Us: "no thanks."

Guy: "Ok, well that'll be (insert total). Just pull up to the window. See ya later."

I don't think I've ever had anyone at the drive thru ask me how I was, nor has anyone ever said "see ya later" or anything more chatty than "Please pull forward". It just seemed strange.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Sad Little Lunch

Today for lunch, I ate a mini Chick 'o Stick, a mini Kit Kat, and a chocolate chip cookie. Oh, and I'm drinking a glass of iced tea. Sad isn't it? I actually was somewhat healthy for breakfast and ate some Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, which was very yummy. I'm just not that hungry for lunch and there's not a darn thing in this house that looks good. So, I succumb to my sweet tooth desires. I'll make it up at dinner at Uncle Gaylord's!! YUM!!!!!

Goin' To The Chapel...

Tomorrow, my girl April is getting married!! I'm so excited for her! This is a day that is an answer to prayer. It will be a precious ceremony, I know, and a fabulous blast of a party at the reception!

April, I love you girl and pray God blesses you in your marriage tomorrow and every day of your future! Thanks for letting me be a part of it all!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Heeeeeere's RED!!

Mike took this picture last night of my new do. I almost blend in too much with the brick and mantle behind me. I'm beginning to like the color a little more and now that I've actually broken through the hair color barrier, I think I might just go crazy! This could get REALLY fun!!!

On the Halloween front, Rachel did really well during the Trick or Treat process. At the first house, she was VERY unsure about what was going on, but once the candy was dropped in her bucket, it was amazing to see the reaction of coolness come over her. She thought that was just the greatest thing ever! From that point on, it was all about going to the doors and smiling that cute little smile and sometimes getting out "Trick or Treat" and maybe a Thank You every so often. Mostly she would sit her bucket down and reach her hand out for the candy she knew the homeowners were going to inevitably give her. :) I do have to say, though, that I have the cutest cat in the world!!

Here are Katie & Rachel looking as cute as two little kitties can be!!!

Monday, October 31, 2005

I DID IT!!!!!

For quite some time, I've contemplated coloring my hair. I've always wished that it was more red than it is now. Saturday, my hubby and daughter and I were at Wal-Mart looking at dog collars of all things and happened down the hair color isle. I decided it was time! I called one of my girlfriends and asked if she'd come over and do it with me and what color did she want? :) My hubby picked out the colors for both of us. She came over and I put the color on her hair and while hers was working its magic, she put the color on mine. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw just how RED the dye was, but once it was all said and done, I really like the color. I'm still not used to it, but it's cool. Hubby likes it, too, which is a really good thing since he picked out the color! I don't have a picture of myself that I can post as yet, but I do have a picture of the box of the color I used and my hair is pretty similar to the girl on the box. Although now, I'm pretty sure I've limited myself on the colors of clothes, jewelry, and makeup I can wear. The pinks I used to wear don't look quite as cute as they did 3 days ago....... CRAP! What have I done?!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today Is A Good Day

Such was the scene at my house this morning for about 45 minutes!! Copper looks awfully comfy being snuggled by the littlest princess of the house. Rachel was very content just to sit there and cuddle while she watched Dora. I just had to stare for a while. I think my daughter gets cuter every day! She's so smart and so funny. I can't imagine how I will ever love another child as much as I love her. I never imagined I'd love her like I do.

My house is peaceful right now. All the kiddies are down for a nap and there's just the sound of the computer buzzing. I can hear the leaves rustling outside. Every several minutes there's a car that passes, but for the most part, it's silent on my street today. The weather is absolutely perfect! It's just the right temperature for a light sweater/sweatshirt during the day and just enough nip in the air for a jacket at night. Snuggling under the covers is so much more fun when the weather is cool and the window is cracked just a little. I fixed chili for dinner last night, which is one of my favorite things to cook when the weather turns cool, and my hubby said, "One thing you definitely can do is make a good pot of chili". He compliments me on the meals I cook and usually says, "It's good" or something similar, but when he said that last night, I felt validated. I know he appreciates me cooking him meals and tells me so often. But just something about the way he complimented my chili (which in my opinion is really good) just made me feel good.

Tonight we will go to church for "Dinner with the Pastor". We'll meet and visit with new or prospective members and hopefully make some new friends and get to visit with some old friends. The menu is Mexican and promises to be scrumptious!! I'm anxious to mingle and hopefully make a few business contacts.

Right now, though, I'm enjoying the peace of the moment. No kids yelling. No Cinderella or Nemo in the background. No phone ringing. No talking. Just peace.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Please Sign In

Check over on the right side there and see my Guest Map. Please take a minute to sign in and let me know that you stopped in for a visit.

It's 10:30 and I'm not really sure why I am still awake. I'm really wishing my face was already washed, my pj's were already on, and that my house was clean. Now I don't have to have my house clean before I go to sleep, but it'd really be nice if someone cleaned my house anyway. Anyone know of a good maid I could call. I'm so seriously NOT wanting to clean my house that I'm going to hire someone to come do it. At least once. I would have such wonderful warm fuzzies..... I can't even explain it! If anyone talks to my husband between now and Christmas/my birthday, please tell him I want him to hire someone to clean my house as my gift! WOOHOOO!! That makes me happy just thinking about it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mediocrity Vs. Excellence

This past weekend was our Mary Kay VIP retreat with our National Sales Director, Rena Tarbet. There were about 600 women there at a beautiful camp in Texas. It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of training, fellowship, and motivation. I was very excited to have the opportunity to have a photo momento with Rena. She is truly an amazing woman! She has battled cancer for years and years and in fact was going back the day after the retreat to receive even more chemo. The cancer has really taken a toll on her body, but let me tell you it's done nothing to deter her spirit! She is such an inspiration to so many other women in and out of Mary Kay. The fact that she can keep on keeping on through the struggles of cancer gives so many women such encouragement! I love it that she's so transparent and no-nonsense and that she has such a wonderful wit and sense of humor. I'm truly blessed to be a part of her area and to be under her teaching and training for the few more years she's in Mary Kay. And the whole weekend encouraged me so much! It made me realize even more that this business gives women the opportunity to achieve everything they desire! It made me take a look at myself and see where I am and where I want to be. It made me see that I've been conducting not only my Mary Kay business, but many other areas in my life in mediocrity. If I continue to do that, I'll receive mediocre results. If I conduct my life in every aspect in excellence, I will receive results that are excellent. I talked with my husband when I got home and gave him the Cliff Notes version of my weekend and told him what the bottom line of the weekend was for me. He was also VERY encouraging to me and made me know that I have his full support in my pursuit of excellence! Of course, this means I could most likely make more money than him and he's totally fine with me being his Sugar Mamma!! :) I think I could handle that as well!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hits From Around The World

I just recently put a site counter on my blog and I think it is SO interesting to see all the different places that people are from that view my blog! I thought I'd post a list of all the locations of my blog viewers just to see. I know who some of these people are, but not all, so if you're a regular viewer, please comment and let me know from whence you come.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Aukland, New Zealand
Padstow, New South Wales, Australia
Sheffield, UK
San Jose, California
Vernal, Utah
Meriden, Connecticut
Canton, Michigan
Franklin, Ohio
Harwood Heights, Illinois
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Garland, Texas
Peel, Arkansas
Siloam Springs, AR
Fayetteville, AR
Johnson, AR
Springdale, AR

Wherever you are from, I thank you for stopping in. I hope you have a great day!!

Monday, October 10, 2005


My dear daughter is saying "Apple. Apple. Mommy, Apple. Apple." I fixed her an apple and she started crying. Now she's saying it over and over again in a voice that says "I'm so sad. Fix me an apple please...." all while pouting of course. But she doesn't want what she's asking for.

I've had the Oscar Mayer bologna song going through my head all afternoon for no real reason. "My bologna has a first name - it's O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name......" you get the picture. And yes, you're welcome. :)

I don't have anything laid out for dinner and my husband is pulling in the driveway as I type this. I'm in obviously no hurry to jump up and fix something but I feel like I should.

I've got a meeting tonight that I'm really excited about, but don't really wanna get dressed and ready for.

Random day, don't you think?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blast From The Past

Last night was our 80's party. My husband wore a mullet wig with pork chops. Not only did he wear this at the party, but as we were driving there, he had the windows rolled down and his head practically hanging out the window for everyone to see! Needless to say, we got more than a few stares as we traveled.....

We laughed at everyone's costumes as they arrived because we were so mortified that we actually used to WEAR stuff like that! I don't know that my hair had actually ever been quite so tall, but it was fun getting it there and a little scary that the hairstyling techniques of nearly 20 years ago came rushing back to me with little effort. Sadly, the earrings are some I've kept over the years. I did purchase stirrup pants because I didn't own any of those and no jeans I have are tight enough around the ankle to peg roll. I did get dubbed Molly Ringwald. I won't complain. She was a very cool chick in the 80's!

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Mommy's Turn Now

For the past couple of days, I've changed some wretched diapers as there has been some sort of bug going around that my lovely, stinky daughter has contracted. Last night, I got the beginnings of a headache, so I used it as the excuse to lay on my couch and watch Survivor, CSI, and Without a Trace (gotta love CBS on Thursday!). Well, today, Baby Girl has given me the opportunity to join in her tummy fun. Yippee. I think I'd rather have the flu.

Tonight, the people from my Sunday school class at church are getting together for an 80's party. It's all about the stirrup pants, jelly shoes, big tacky jewelry (speaking of which, I've gotta find some earrings), and BIG hair! I will most definitely have pictures to this magnificent event posted on my blog after this evening's festivities. Oh, and the dinner is Mexican. That's gonna be great for my stomach tonight, I assure you.

Tomorrow is the bridal shower for one of my bestest girlfriends. I'm excited to see what she gets!! I kinda felt a few pangs of guilt at my first shower because I'm not one to 'take' things from people often, but by the time my baby showers came along, I was excited about opening presents!!! Now, I'm wishing we had 5 year anniversary showers or something. I need some new things! Is it bad for me to ponder ways I could 'delay' my friend's arrival to the shower and do like they do at the Oscars, "I'm sorry, but she couldn't be here to accept these gifts, so I accept them on her behalf"..... but then I keep the gifts? Horrible, huh?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Let's Talk About You.... What Do You Think About Me?" - Bette Midler in Beaches

10 Years Ago
Humph. I was seriously in like with “the bad boy” and “As I Lay Me Down” by Sophie B. Hawkins was one of my favorites. I was in my first semester of college and life was good.

5 Years Ago
I had finally decided that I was truly in love with the man that would be my husband. This came after months of wishy-washy. Wow. Can’t believe that’s been 5 years ago already! Time flies… and life was really good

1 Year Ago
I was nursing an 8 month old baby and really enjoying my favorite season of all and excited she would get to experience fall for the first time EVER! Life was really, really good!

I spent the morning working a bit and playing with my kiddies. They entertain me! I spent the afternoon visiting with a 70 year old lady who was funny, quick as a whip, and precious. She’d been a Mary Kay consultant several years ago and decided she’s like to do it again to give her something to do. I’ll now have the opportunity to visit more with her. I’m excited about that!

5 Snacks I Enjoy
Reeces (pieces or cups – I’m not picky)
Cream Puffs – not a snack, I know, but it’s MY list!
Pizza Dip – thanks to Michelle

5 Songs I Know All the Words To
Jesus Loves Me – could it be because I’ve sang it 3,427,985 times since Rachel was born? Just a thought.
All the Wiggles songs
“The Prayer” – Josh Groban
“The Way You Look Tonight” – Sinatra – Hubby and I have claimed this as “Our” song
“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong – one of my all time favorite songs EVER!

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars
Pay off ALL my debt
Put back enough for the kids college
Buy something fun like a new, BIG house!

5 Places I’d Run Away To
Hawaii with Mike
Disney World with Mike
Italy with Mike
Ireland with Mike
A spa with girlfriends

5 Things I’d Never Wear
Any shirts that make me look fatter
Any pants that make me look fatter
Any skirts that make me look fatter
Any shoes that make me look fatter
Any accessories that make me look fatter

5 Favorite TV Shows
Monday – Medium
Tuesday – Amazing Race/American Idol
Wednesday – Lost/American Idol
Thursday – Everything on CBS
Sunday – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition/Desperate Housewives

5 Biggest Joys
Mike, Rachel, & Tanner
My family & friends
My church
Knowing that I helped someone
Listening to my favorite music while drinking a cup of coffee – aaahhhhh………

5 Favorite Toys
My computer – obviously
My digital camera
My make-up – I’d be unemployed without it!
My new knives – they make me want to cook more
Mike :) hehehehehe

5 Fine Folks Who Can Now Consider Themselves Tagged
AfricaBleu, GreenEyedView, MommyMaki, Kristi, and everyone else that wants to participate.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ok, I had to do it.

I found this little quiz on one of my regular reads and I had to take it. I'm a complete sucker for those things. I found that I'm Winnie. I kinda figured, but this just confirmed my suspicions.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Who are you? :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005


I love Thursdays! I think they are my second favorite day (next to Saturday). Here's what I did today and why I loved it so much.

I got up a little after my usual time which felt like I got to sleep in. :)

Then, I went to take Rachel to Kids Day Out at church, which she loves, and that makes Mommy feel like not such a heel for enjoying my time alone.

I then came back home and met with a lady and gave her a brand new look for her day! She liked it, I thought it looked great, a fun time was had. I filled my travel coffee mug and set out to do a little shopping.

I went to Sam's and with no child, I was in and out of there in under 8 minutes!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Man, I love that.

I was off to meet one of my girlfriends at Target and we browsed around the whole store looking for clearance items! I LOVE that!! A side note to that is that I'm seriously the cheapest person I know and I barely ever by anything other than groceries that isn't on sale. Every once in a while I will, but not often.

After shopping at Target, my girlfriend and I went to eat lunch at Olive Garden. I love that place. We sat up at the bar because the wait was gonna be several minutes and with the time we spent in Target, time was of the essence in Olive Garden. The waiter at the bar knew my friend so well from her VERY frequent visits there that he didn't even so much as ask what she wanted to eat and even remembered that she liked extra dressing for the salad?! I mean, you hear of places like that in small towns, but my goodness! We live in a VERY populated area of Northwest Arkansas where you don't just know everybody, so that was really impressive! We had great conversation and then her husband, who I think is ultra cool, stopped by for a few minutes just to make sure she was ok after she hurt her back yesterday - he wanted to make sure she was ok to go get their daughters...... aaawwwww!!! Gosh, that man is sweet!! So we left Olive Garden and parted ways.

I went to the mall and shopped a little at the Disney Store and wished they had the beautiful Cinderella dress up costumes in adult sizes. After my trip to 'yeah right' land, I went to another couple of trendy shops and found that I won't be joining the Goucho trend - my butt is WAY too big for that.

I left the mall and headed across the way to my adopted mom's house for a minute and learned that one of my best friends who is getting married in a month has just been offered a honeymoon trip to either Hawaii, Paris, or Costa Rica!!! HOLY CRAP!!

After hearing that envious news, I went to get my baby girl. I LOOOOOOVE going to get her because she is so excited to see me and that just melts my heart!

We came home and I left shortly after that to get my hair cut - which I needed oh so badly.

Once my hair was cute again, we did a little more shopping and met Daddy for supper at Steak N' Shake - YUM!! The furniture store was right around the corner and of course, we had to stop by there because a few new pieces for our living room might be in our near future. Rachel decided to pitch a huge fit after being dragged away from the kids play area, so we knew then we had seen all the furniture we needed to see for the day.

Now we are home for the evening. The temperature is SO cool tonight and I think I need my long sleeve pj's for tonight. I'm planning on cracking my bedroom window and letting the cold breeze flow through and snuggling with Buff Daddy under the covers........ mmmmmmm......

Monday, September 26, 2005

I Wonder What Would Happen If:

I was sitting at lunch yesterday and something was mentioned that made me think of doing this on my blog and I said "I've GOT to blog about this" and everyone looked at me like I was a freak. Nerds. :) haha

Last night on Desperate Housewives, Brie totally proved why I had to write about this. She stood up in the middle of her husband's funeral and yells "WAIT!!!" She had to change the hideous tie he was wearing, but that's beside the point. There are so many times when I'm in a situation like a funeral or wedding or some other event where I'm expected to be proper and all the while I'm sitting there wondering "What would happen if I....". I'll give you examples.

Sitting at a funeral (since this is fresh on my mind from last night's show), I wonder what would happen if I just went into a maniacal screaming episode and stormed all around the room?

At a wedding when the minister asks if there's anyone who objects, speak now... what if I objected? Just for the heck of it. Not because I have an objection, I just wonder what people would think? (don't worry, April. I'm SO not gonna do this to you... probably not).

Sitting at the doctor's office waiting room, I wonder what would happen if I flopped down on the floor in convulsions or something and then immediately got back up and sat in my chair as if nothing ever happened?

What if I screamed at the top of my lungs in the middle of Wal-Mart, just because?

It makes me giggle when I'm in these situations and start thinking of what might happen. People already probably think I'm a little nuts for laughing to myself for no apparent reason. I really never would do any of these things. I just wonder what would happen if I did.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Technology SUCKS!

I have a headache right now because of technology. Ironic that I'm typing this out on something that was a benefit of technology, but anyway.....

One day my printer worked fine. It ran out of black ink and we replaced the cartridge. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? WRONG! I have no idea what happened or if my printer just decided to all the sudden get PMS, but it just completely stopped printing black ink - even with the new ink cartridge and the other new one I bought just in case the first new one was a lemon. Nothing worked. That is so dang frustrating when you do everything you normally do and then it just all the sudden, for no apparent reason, starts hating you and stops working. Now I have to send it to the company to have them look at it and try to fix it.

My dear computer guru friend is being gracious enough to loan me a printer while the other one is in the shop. The only problem with that is he gave me two to try out and up until this point, neither of them want to cooperate either.

Here's what I think: I think it's me. The equipment senses my dependance and all of the sudden it decides to get an attitude and put me in my place for using it so much. I just really want things to work when I plug them in. I don't want to figure out how something works or how to fix something, I just expect it to work like it says it should. Is that really too much to ask?

My day is definitely not going like I planned. I wanted to organize my 'office' and get a lot of stuff done. I haven't gotten to do that yet. And my legs REALLY need to be shaved.

I'm off to get my hammer.......

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sometimes I Wish...

Sometimes I wish for these things:

* No responsibility - this is a big one. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed at all that I have to do as an adult and everything I have to remember.

* Long hair again - I look at ladies with longer hair and kick myself on occasion for having cut mine off.

* Eating freedom - I wish I could just eat every bit of ice cream, donuts, sweet whatever, chips, Big Macs, you name it, without gaining an ounce. I don't really want to exercise to help out in this matter, either. My brother and dad both have this type of metabolism and it's really disgusting that I didn't get it! Why couldn't my brother have been the one to gain a pound by looking at a piece of chocolate cake? What would it have mattered to him?!

* A bigger closet - doesn't every woman?

* To be more organized - I like keeping things organized, but sometimes it just overwhelms me to think about getting things organized in the first place. Then I just let things pile up too long and then say "forget it".

* To be able to read faster - I read so slowly and yet I love to read. I wish I could read really fast and thus be able to read more because of it.

* To be clever - I admire people who are funny and clever with their thoughts - my husband being on the top of my list of those people. He can come up with anything right off the cuff and I so can't do that. I admire that and wish I had that quality.

There's so much more, but that's all I have time for. OH! That's another thing I wish. I wish I had more time to do whatever I want to do. I guess that falls under the responsibility thing, huh? Better go get those responsibilities taken care of so I can not feel guilty about blogging. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Football Saturdays

This will be the place my family will be sitting every Saturday from now til the end of Kansas State's football season. As you can see by the attire, my husband, and thus my dauther (and step-daughter, not pictured) are big K-State fans. Hubby is a grad from there and one of the biggest football fans I've come in contact with. You really can't hold any sort of conversation with him during a game because you'll be interupted by "GET IN THAT ENDZONE! GET IN THAT ENDZONE!!!!!" or "FUMBLE!!FUMBLE!!FUMBLE!!". So, for the remainder of the football season, this will be my life. Once the weather cools, it will be chili and pumpkin pie at my house to go along with the game!! I do enjoy that!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I'm in the middle of a book right now that I'm really enjoying. It's not a thriller exactly, but it is suspenseful. The main character has a bit of ESP - kinda like the chick on Medium on NBC - and has a way of 'seeing' things. Her best friend was murdered in a small town in South Carolina when she was 8 and now, at 26, this girl is back and wants to find the killer.

So then last night I read until I fell asleep, as is my usual routine. I don't know if it was something about the book or what, but I woke this morning at 5:30 to my husband saying "it's ok! I'm right here! It's ok!" and I was whimpering. I very rarely ever wake up like that, but when I do, it scares the pee out of me. I had been having a nightmare of sorts. In my dream, I walked into my daughters room. She was in our living room with one of my friends who had come to visit. It was early in the morning and the sun was just starting to shine - beautiful. I thought it odd that her window was wide open. We normally have screens on our windows, but where was her screen? And what was that box doing under her window? It was wet with dew. Strange. I picked it up and started to walk out of her room, but between me and the door, through the slats of her baby bed, a man was crouched on the floor. He reminded me of the Donnie Wahlberg in "The Sixth Sense", but scarier - if that's possible. I yelled for my friend to get my daugther and get out. He grabbed me and began to drag me back toward the window. Rachel!! I've got to get to Rachel!! I began screaming, or trying to, at the man. My voice caught in my throat and nothing would come out. I couldn't yell. I couldn't scream. I couldn't speak. Run!! RUN!! Get Rachel out of here!!! It was all in my head, but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

And that's when I woke to my husband's consoling. Peace rushed over me to know it was all a dream - a nightmare.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Is it bad...

My husband and I had a conversation over the weekend about our household duties and how he was going to make up a schedule of things we'd do each day so that we could be 'organized' with our housecleaning. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed because of having to pick up after children all day and then sometimes pick up after Hubby at days end - not to mention pick up my own things. Now, I'm not saying that Hubby doesn't do anything around the house. That simply isn't the case. He really does help out quite a bit, but there are moments when I wonder "if I just left those dishes there, I wonder how long it would be until he realized there was mold growing and then pick them up himself?". So, after our conversation, we have this color coded cleaning chart hanging on our fridge (which is great for me because I take well to lists like that). Now this was all done so that I could do what I had time for during the day amidst caring for the kids and working my business and then whatever I didn't have time for, Hubby will take care of in the evenings after he gets home. My question now is, since I have all the things done that are on the list for today, is it bad that I don't want to work? That was the whole reason this was done is so I could have more time to work and now I don't want to. I just want to sit down at watch 30 Minute Meals or...eeek! Oprah!..... or read my book that's due back at the library in a couple days or really anything other than work. Is that just terrible?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Advice on Forwards

Ok, I'm all fine and dandy with those people who want to send me some sweet story on a forward, but if it's some kind of a deal where we can earn money from Microsoft if we forward it to everyone in our address book.............COME ON PEOPLE! All I have to say is before you forward anything to anyone, if it's any kind of a deal where there's one iota of a possiblity that it is maybe NOT true, please go to and search for it. I guarantee you that 99% of everything you see on forwards is on this webpage and the majority of that is false.

Whew. I feel a lot better now that I've gotten that said. :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Today I'm Thankful For.... (2nd Edition)

I know I have posted on this topic very recently, but today I feel like I need to do this again.

Today, I am thankful for:

*My husband. He truely is the most wonderful man in the world. Even though dirty clothes may lay in the floor and lights are left on after he leaves the room and the things he does to help sometimes don't meet my 'standards' as far as housework is concerned, I could never ask for a better partner in life. I don't tell him that enough.

*My daughter. She is my joy. Everything she does is precious. My favorite things she does now is when I ask her a question and she answers "yeah" and when I ask her where something is, she says "Um...." It's SO cute!

*My step-daughter, Tanner. She is so funny and smart. I'm blessed to have her as a part of my life.

*Understanding People. Sometimes when I screw up royally, I'm thankful for people who can forgive and not hate me because of it.

*My friends. God has a way of putting those people in my life who I need at just the right moments. I don't have just one best friend. I have many bestest friends. I have those friends who are so different from me and yet provide me with such blessing. To those of you reading this blog, I love you and thank God for you!

*My church. I'm thankful that I don't attend a 'feel good' church but one that can present the word of God in all its truth, no matter how much my Pastor steps on my toes because of it.

*My home. After watching several episodes of Little House on the Prairie this weekend, I'm very proud of the home I have. Not that I wasn't happy with it before, but it just made me realize all the more that I don't NEED a lot of fancy things or a big house to be happy. I'm so blessed by what I have and I SURE don't say that enough.

*Mary Kay. I'm thankful that I'm a part of a business that seeks to support and encourage women and one that will give me an opportunity to do something I really love (play in makeup and make women look and feel beautiful) while I make money to help my family.

That certainly is just the tip of the iceburg, but today I just wanted to say I'm thankful.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hobby Lobby

Ok, can I just say that Hobby Lobby is one of the coolest stores ever, yet somewhat overwhelming. I went there today with one project in mind and left the store wishing I had a million dollars so I could go back and buy anything I wanted to and craft all the rest of the days of my life. And the really sad thing is, I don't care for crafts too much. I mean, I like some thing, like classy crafts (wait - is that an oxymoron?), but I'm not much for just crafty things like this soapbar accessory thing that I created in high school that was wrapped in a washcloth and pipe cleaners. It was really cute, but very garage sale-ish. Not that I'm at all against purchasing things at garage sales............ shut up, I know - total tangent. Anyway, back to Hobby Lobby - that place is just incredible. I really think I need a day to just walk around in there and get some ideas of things I'd like to do - WAIT! THAT could be my vacation that I so desperately need!!!!! Walking around in a store and NOT having a baby that's frustrated because she has no more juice and I won't let her have my keys after the 5th time she's thrown them down........ ahhhhh..... that sounds heavenly right now. Top all that off with a Venti White Chocolate Mocha...... oh my gosh!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hot Tamales

I'm sitting here at my desk eating Hot Tamales. There has never been a better candy in my opinion - or a worse candy if it's based on how addictive they are. I'm not normally a candy type girl. I like candybars and anything chocolate like that, but not so much just the hard candy/jolly rancher/gummy bear candy. However, Hot Tamales are the best! I've already eaten nearly the whole package. I have my reasons, today, though:

I'm bummed about the whole Katrina thing. There are people that have come to the Red Cross shelter in my town from New Orleans. That's hitting a little too close to home, Ladies and Gentlemen! I have a friend who had to leave his house and head across to the neighbor state because of the promise of disaster around his home. It was sad enough when all the mess around 9-11 happened, but I didn't know anyone directly affected by that. I felt for everyone involved and sympothized for them, but it just didn't effect me like this disaster has. This has just made me sad.

Also, I've been run ragged, I feel, over the past few days with my munchkins running around and my responsibility of taking care of my new 8 week old boxer puppy, Copper. (Pictured with Zoe). It's enough watching 3 children under 3 years of age during the day and trying, most of the time in vain, to keep my house from looking like a total disaster, but to add a potty training puppy to the mix and it makes for some tiring days. Plus, the little guy I babysit spent the weekend with Grandma 'Cat Owner' and we think the little dude is allergic to cats. He's been a complete fuss-bucket this week and I am now suffering from a very large headache, mostly due I believe to the constant whining.

Add all that on top of regular life and there you have me. I really need a day of vacation. Not one where I spend it running around and going and doing. I need a day to get a massage. I need to just relax. I need to not think or worry about any of my responsibilities. I need........peace.

Ok, all the Hot Tamales are gone now. Should I feel better? Or worse that I've sat here and ate and entire bag of candy? (it was only a 4 oz bag, but still...)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Deciding on Date Plans

The following is excerpts from Friday's conversation between 4 friends trying to decide what we'd do for our double date that night:

I heard you were planning the date Friday night and Jeremy has told me what you have planned. Dukes of Hazzard is out of the question--you guys just want to see Jessica Simpson……what about the Wedding Crashers--I've heard it's funny from several people.

(Mike's response - Jill's response to Mike in purple)
Jessica Simpson is in the Dukes of Hazard? Yes. What? You knew that. Why would anyone want to see Jessica Simpson in really short shorts? Cause some weridos think extremely dumb blonds are hot. I am simply interested in the car being as Jill and I both own Dodge vehicles. That’s a big bunch of horse $#!+! Jessica Simpson is just a silly interruption in great action packed car chase scenes. Yet more horse $#!+.

I was planning a theme night. Go Kart racing and a movie where the central theme is cars. Unfortunately Herbie Fully Loaded is already out of theaters so that left Dukes of Hazard. You are creative. Think of something else.

Wedding Crashers is a rated R movie Dukes of Hazard is pG13 And you point being……..?

I think the Dukes of Hazard with its positive theme of never letting the Man keep you down would be a great choice. Don’t you mean theme of “seeing dumb blonde girl strut around in nearly nothing” being a great choice? You know that’s what you were thinking.

(Mike's repsonse to Jill's comments in green - Jill's retort in blue - Mike's comebacks in dark green)
First off, if I thought Jessica Simpson was attractive (and I'm not admitting that I do) it wouldn't have anything to do with her mind. Her huge pair of HOOHA's possibly but definitely not her mind. Talk about something your WIFE will never be able to live up to… HELLO?! We can get you a new pair of HOOHA's if you want.

Second, what is the difference between going to see a movie about an impossibly romantic guy that husbands will never be able to live up to...And going to see a movie about fast cars, battling against the oppression of a ruthless tyrant interrupted, ever so briefly, by a scantly clad woman? The difference is getting wife into romantic mood for possible CPB (crunchy peanut butter = sex) after arrival back at home or……NOT. What about getting your husband in the mood for...nevermind stupid argument.

C, I am totally willing to compromise. Race Go-Karts, play violent first person shooter video games, watch Fantastic 4. I'm cool with that. Are we negotiating now? Shall I enter my 2 cents? Ok, great. I can do the go-cart thing. Afterwards, I like Michelle’s idea - you boys can go watch your sleazy hooha film I can just see the Dukes of Hazard Marketing group talking to the sensors now "We can't put sleazy HOOHA film in the trailer? That's what this movie is!!!" and Michelle and I can go watch something a little more mature. Or, we can completely compromise by seeing something we can all agree on. There’s a movie with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger coming out on Friday…..Matt Damon and Heath Ledger!!! Just admit that you want to see these two dumb as a wet sack of hammers because they will have tight fitting outfits on and you want to see their butts!!!

(Jeremy, Michelle's husband, adds his 2 cents)
I would like it stated for the record that I had absolutely nothing to do with that comment about the huge HOOHA’s. That was tasteless and inappropriate. If we can’t admire a woman for any reason other than her body, what does that make us? Personally, I think that there are other admirable qualities to Jessica. For instance, I just happen to admire her for the big melons she has in her fruit garden. I also am impressed by the large jugs she has in her kitchen. I have also noted that she has a nice set of bongos to play in her band. Obviously, there are many other admirable qualities to Jessica than her body – like her perky hooters (I’ve heard that she has some pet owls).

(Jill's response to Jeremy)
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mike's retarded response)
If God didn't love hooters he would have had Noah leave them off the Ark.

Friday, August 26, 2005

As The dogWorld Turns

We've just rid ourselves of our beagle and now we're looking at other dogs. Madness, you think. Why, yes it is. The insane thing is that now some people in my family have changed their wantings from a boxer, which I could do, to a....... GREAT DANE!!! Jiminy Christmas, ya'll! Those things are bigger than me! Seriously!!! We called on some last night and let me just say that the daddy of the pups we'll see tomorrow weighs 175LBS!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I'm not real sure I could deal with a dog that big! I mean, that's just HUGE!! It's like the second biggest dog ever! Actually, it may be the tallest dog. I don't know..... I would like another dog. Zoe seems lonely this week without her friend and I'm kinda used to having 2 dogs around, but I just don't know if I could handle one as big as a dane. I think I might could do a Mastiff. Those are the ancestors of great danes, but not quite as tall. They are still well over 100 lbs in average weight, but they're shorter than the danes. I'm all for the big dogs, mind you. I do NOT want a little squirly looking dog like the uglier than ugly Chinese Crested. These little dudes are UGLY! I'm sorry, but it's the truth! Any advice?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sadie Is Gone :(

My dear little beagle, Sadie, has been taken to another home. Our back yard has holes all in it from her ventures throughout the day and my husband was beginning to get miffed. We had some ugly trees in our back yard and decided to cut those down and when we did, they became Sadie's escape to the other side of the fence. It was a way she could get close enough to the top of the chain link fence at the back of our property so that she could CLIMB the rest of the way over the wood fence to the neighbor's yard. She liked to visit our neighbor and usually every day, about the same time, our neighbor would come ring our doorbell with Sadie in tow. Nice. Dumb dog. I really think it's because they have a pool and we don't. Either that or they have better treats for their dog. So we removed the tree from the yard and hence removed her escape path. Dumb though she may be, she was determined to find a way over to the 'cool house' and thus began her digging spree. My husband had enough at this point. An ad went into the classifieds at his work and as of yesterday afternoon, Sadie's new home is on a farm somewhere. We got an email this morning saying she did great last night and enjoyed her new surroundings. However, the farm family has cows and apparently she was unsure about these creatures and barked at one of them. WHAT?! Barked?! Are we sure they have the right dog? Maybe the farm is just what she needed to release her true self because that dog has never barked!!
Now I'm wondering if I ever really had an attachment to the dog. I'm not really sad she's gone.

I still have Zoe, who's my lovely lab/collie/shephard/mut dog. I really think she's just a cat clothed in a dog's body. She'd much rather lay around and cuddle than to do normal dog type things. I love that about her. The only thing is that when my daughter came over to the computer and saw the picture of Sadie, she said "Sadie?". That makes me kinda sad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

And this is what I feel like doing.....

Since I'm sad, I feel like sitting down with a big bag of powdered donuts and a pot of coffee and wollowing in my misery for a while. Rachel seems to be enjoying doing that (except without the joe).

Yep, it's settled. I'm a crier!!

... as if there was any question. I just finished reading yet another book by my now favorite author, Karen Kingsbury. This woman has a way of writing that makes the story she's telling come to life in my mind and grips me until I put it down..... and then sometimes way beyond my reading the last words. This, I can tell, will be one of those stories. It was an escape from reality for me. I got involved in the world of these characters and they became real to me, if only for a few days or hours. In the end, it's a tragedy. I was crying through every word of the last few chapters and even now, tears well up in my eyes as I remember these people and all they shared and lost. Years have past in a matter of just minutes this morning as I read the last pages. I'm sad now because I feel like I've lost a friend all over again.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Today I'm Thankful For....

Yesterday was a weird day. I listened to a tape that was given to me that had some readings of journal entries from one of my friends that passed away last year. It was over a span of about 3 years. It wasn't readings from every day, of course, but selected days over the years. It made me sad that my friend isn't with me anymore. But more than that, it made me realize even more what a beautiful person she was, not only on the outside, but in her heart. She listed the most simple things to be thankful for. Therefore today, I shall follow in her footsteps and list some things I'm thankful for:

* Today, I'm thankful for my daughter. I'm thankful that she pee peed on the potty the other day!
*I'm thankful that Mike called me from work this morning and cared what I had to say.
* I'm thankful for my friends.
* I'm thankful for email since I don't talk on the phone much.
* I'm thankful for the Wiggles and Barney that keep Rachel entertained while she learns cute little songs.
* I'm thankful that I can sleep in tomorrow morning.
* I'm thankful for Mary Kay and the sales I made yesterday.
* I'm thankful that it's sunny outside and I got some good coffee this morning.

Anyone else thankful today?

Monday, August 08, 2005

AAAHHHH The Agony!!!

Yesterday, my dear husband left for a few days of Kids Camp so my precious friends invited me over to their house for a sympathy dinner so I wouldn't be alone. Little did I know, it was all a scheme to kill me - or for me to kill myself! You see, I cannot get away from friends who own homes on a ridiculous incline and these are no exception. This home is built on a hill overlooking the lake. Beautiful, you think. Yes, it is. However, the trek from their home down the hill to the water is retarded!! Stupid me decided I was going to be cool and stylish by wearing some flip flops instead of tennis shoes. Mistake #1. Then I decided that since every adult there besides me was covered in dirt from laying sod that I would carry my child down the hill myself (there's no way she could have walked herself). Mistake #2. As we were 'walking' down the hill, I averted a couple of disastrous falls by clinging to inch thick 'trees' for dear life. Needless to say, I was cursing my choice of shoes at this point. We finally reached the water and as I stayed on shore, the others went in for a little dip and all was well. It was hotter than Hades, but fun. Then.......dear God, it was time to CLIMB that mountain back up to the house. I came to my senses this time and let someone else carry Rachel so I didn't have her to contend with. And traveling down hill in flip flops was one thing; trying to climb UP the mountain in said shoes is another thing entirely. Now, you have to get this picture - I HATE exercise!! I mean, hate is really not a strong enough word. Loath might come close, but still, doesn't do my feeling justice. So, here you have me - totally out of shape and climbing a 60 degree mountainous incline. Thankfully, the people traveling behind me were taking their time as well and someone 'lost their shoe' so they had to take time to put it back on. I patiently waited for them as any good, totally out of breath friend would do. Then, my exercise freak friend who runs a few miles every day was walking up the hill like it was nothing and I thought, "I can't let her show me up that badly"...... you guessed it - mistake #3. By the time I reached the top of the hill, I really thought about sitting down and crying. I caught my breath finally and we went into the blessed air conditioning. But the agony wasn't over yet. These dear friends have 3 stories to their home. The kitchen is on the main floor, the TV where Dora was playing and where my daughter wanted to be was on the bottom, and the bathtub where the girls had to get cleaned up was on the top floor. Dear Jesus, when will it end?! So, after a lovely dinner and some visiting, Rachel and I headed home. I entered a very deep sleep and was really ticked when my alarm went off this morning - but the ticked feeling was replaced with agony as soon as I stood from my bed......... HOLY CRAP!!!! There are places that are sore today that really shouldn't ever be exposed to exercise, I believe. I can only imagine that this will get worse as the day goes on and heaven help me on what tomorrow will feel like. Bottom line and lesson learned - I will NEVER wear flip flops to their house again, never carry my child down the hill again, and their Christmas gift this year is a lift that will carry innocent, non-exercisers down to the lake and back.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rachel LOVES for me to sing to her. She goes from her request of "Jzsz Uvs Me" to "B I B I" pretty much in the same breath. In this picture, she was sitting with 'Sissy', who she loves dearly, and they were singing "Jzsz Uvs Me". Rachel has her 'bankie' and 'doose' (aka - juice) with her as well. If Minnie were in the chair as well, she would have been in absolute ecstasy! And around her left eye........yeah......... that was the result of her getting a little to excited to play Ring Around The Rosey by herself and then meeting the coffee table in an unpleasant moment of truth.

Monday, July 25, 2005

A Busy But Fullfilling Time

Man, have I ever been busy since my last post! Holy cow!! I went to my 11 year class reunion.... yes, I said 11 year.... a week ago Saturday. My high school buddies in charge of coordinating the reunion didn't get on the ball enough around our 10 year anniversary of graduation, so we postponed it until this year. Selfishly, I really was wishing that everyone would have gained more weight than me since graduation and for the most part, they had!! Isn't that terrible that I was thinking that? And even worse that I'm glad everyone was a little more pudgy? Anyway, it was a good time visiting with those who I hadn't seen in YEARS! The plan is to do a reunion again in another 4 years to get us back on the 10-15-20 reunions and so on. We shall see.

Last week, I was in Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar. There are 5 groups all together that each have their own seminar. I am in the Sapphire seminar and then there is the Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, and Emerald seminars. Each group gets together in Dallas at different times to have their annual meetings. I definitely got pumped up and ready to hit some new goals this year! The picture I've posted is one with my director (on the left), our National director Rena Tarbet, me, and April. We had an awards dinner that night and had a fantastic dinner with filet minon and then for dessert, some decedant chocolate feast! It was so wonderful and such a treat! The entertainment during the seminar was outstanding - I felt like I was at a Broadway production! And hearing so many women give such glory to the Lord so unashamedly was beyond anything I'd imagined. One lady put it so well "It gives me such joy to be affiliated with a company in which I've not ever been pulled into the HR office and reprimanded for sharing my faith". Now that is wonderful! It really helped me to see what a Christlike woman Mary Kay was and how blessed I am to be a part of a company that encourages everyone that is a part to put their priorities in order: God first, family second, career third..... and that is the essence of Mary Kay.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Big Shoes To Fill

I've got some things around my house that I'm gathering for a yard sale this weekend and a few pairs of shoes are in the mix. Rachel decided she wanted to try this particular pair on for size. A little big for her now, but maybe one day she'll grow into them.

It was such a sentimental moment watching her walk in my shoes. I totally remember the time when I used to do such things with anyone's shoes I could get my feet into. I always have thought shoes are cool. And now to see my daughter walking in grown up shoes really gave my heart a tug.

Then, yesterday, we were singing the little Barney tune "I love you. You love me" and she would sing every word with Mommie. When we said "and a great big hug and a kiss from me to you" she would give me a hug and a kiss! SOOO cute! Then we would sing, " and won't you say you love me too?" and without any prompting, she says "I yuv u!" Oh my gosh. Can I just say that I couldn't squeeze her tight enough after that! Talk about having your heart right there on your lap! Wow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Genius Child

Just thought I'd share another picture of my genius child. I find in this particular picture, she totally looks like her daddy!! Notice the drool on her shirt..... that, too, is like her daddy! :)

No Rest For The Weary

Yes, it's after midnight and I'm up writing on this dang blog. What is my problem?! I was laying in bed, staring in the darkness at what I'm assuming was the ceiling, letting 40 bigillion things run through my head......that's right, women can multi-task like that. So, instead of trying in vain to get to sleep, I decided to get a few of my thoughts out on 'paper' so that maybe, just maybe, I can go to sleep.

First, I had a Mary Kay meeting tonight (pep rallys/training for consultants and their guests) and those always give me ideas and fuel for the next week. So with that, I've got lots of ideas roaming around in my head and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to advance to the next step in my carrer by the end of this month. The great thing about MK is that no one else determines my speed of advancement besides ME!! If I wanna drive a free car, I just have to get out there and get it. So, my dear, sweet hubby and I retire for the evening and proceed to have that final 'pillow talk' of the night before drifting into our unconscious bliss. I tell him "I need to get more team members...." and then go on to say exactly what the qualifications are to get to the level I want to be at by this time next year. He listens quietly then all the sudden says, "A girl broke her arm yesterday." HUH?! I'm talking about details in advancing in my career and he breaks in with "A girl broke her arm yesterday."????????????????????? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He redeemed himself a moment later (after telling me a few details about Broken-Arm Girl and being sure to interject the 'correct' way to fall as not to break a limb) by saying, "Maybe you'll find someone from your party this week" and a few other comments pertaining to the conversation I THOUGHT we were having. And they say women have spaghetti thoughts.

Next, there is some shopping I've been wanting to do since Saturday and I was hoping to possibly have a chance to get out in the morning and do some perusing, but alas, my venture will be postponed yet again. Tomorrow, I will have yet another child in my care for the morning and the refrigerator repair man will be here supposedly between 11am-12pm (right as 'additional child' is set to leave). I'm really glad someone will be coming to fix the fridge because it's got some sort of massive leak into the refrigerator part that is soaking all my food! For the things in the containers it's not so bad. Things like the veggies in the bottom drawers or the berries in store containers......yeah, not so good. So, praise Jesus, this problem will be no longer after tomorrow. However, Mr. Repair Man and Additional Child have altered my plans of shopping yet again. I'm stressing that the sales I want to hit will pass me right by!

Finally, ending on a more positive note, when I came in tonight from my meeting, Rachel was 'running' over to the door to meet me and squeeling to the top of her lungs "Mommie! Mommie! Mommie!!" Now that is a precious sight and sound if ever there was one! She was ultra excited to see Mommie and that just melted me! Then, shortly after that, we were ready for night night time. I sat her on my lap and asked her if she was ready to go to bed. She said "Sleepy" and began rubbing her eyes. Let me remind you......17 months old!! Genius child. Anyway, to continue on in proving my fore-said point, I asked if she wanted to sing a song and she began with "B I B I B I" for that song, "The B I B L E. Yes that's the book for me.....". She loves that song and loves to shout "BIBLE!!" when we've finished singing. The last few days when I've asked her if she wants Mommie to sing to her, she's been saying "Jzszs Uvs Me".... translation "Jesus Loves Me". We began singing that song together and can I just tell you that my genius child sang EVERY WORD OF THAT SONG WITH ME!!! Of course, it was in broken baby English, but she was singing it all the same. Then I said "Tell Daddy I love you" and she began saying "I wuv oooo!" Oh my gosh! I wish sometimes that I could freeze time for just a few moments longer when things like that happen. Thank God for video cameras so that moments as precious as those can be relived for years to come.

Ok, I feel much better now and - as soon as I pee...... again - I should be able to fall asleep. Good night, blessed world.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Genius Child

This week, my dear child began counting all by herself. We have done the whole swinging thing where we'll swing her a little and count "One, Two..." and then on "THREE!!" we'll throw her up a little and catch her. So, by that, she's learned to count to three. The other night, I was counting to three while I was washing her hair..... "One, two...." was the preparation for the big splash and then by "three!" the water came out of our cup on onto Rachel's soapy head. She began counting to three with me and then all the sudden - I discovered my child is a genius!! She continued past three and went to 6!!!! Yes, that's right. My child, just 17 months old, counted to six ALL BY HERSELF!!! Of course, I was immediately on the phone with Mamaw having her listen to her blessed grandchild. Obviously, Mamaw thought that was the smartest thing she'd ever heard! If I ever figure out how to get audio clips on to this thing, I'll post something of Rachel actually saying her numbers. It's really a wonder to hear! :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm pretty sure that my child is the most beautiful thing ever!

I just figured out how to use this picture uploader deal (nice lingo, huh?) and so I thought I would show off my fantastic photography on my little angel.

Being a mommy has got to be one of the greatest things this side of heaven. There is absolutely NOTHING like having your child get so excited to see you and then hug you like they never want you to let them go. That, my friends, is bliss.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Do you ever wish you could be the chick in Bewitched and just twinkle your nose and everyone around you would just SHUT UP?!!!!!!!!!! I mean, seriously, is there something in the fireworks that send kids into a freak out mode? I really think I should investigate that. For anyone who reads this and doesn't know, I have a 17 month old daughter named Rachel and I babysit Jack and Katie. Jack is almost 13 months and Katie is 2. So far, Katie is ok today, but Jack is unusually cranky. Rachel is just coming off of the fireworks-induced crankiness from yesterday and is somewhat better today. But Jack - I've never had to count to 10 so many times in one morning to keep from doing something that the DHS would frown on. :) Is it wrong to want to use a little duct tape?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Here Am I

I've just created my blog. Wow. This is new stuff for me, but I've been inspired. So, we'll see how it goes. Hello world of technology!! :)