Friday, December 16, 2005

What the.....????

The Apprentice. Randall. Selfish scum.

I'm still stunned and very disappointed in Randall. I thought he really did do a good job and if there was one person to choose over the other, I probably would have chosen Randall. However, the fact that he supposedly has thought so highly of Rebecca up to this point and that she wasn't a threat on his getting picked or what job he would have really makes me wonder about his honesty the whole time. PLUS, I'm a little bit miffed at Trump. He's the dadgum leader of this whole deal and supposedly can do whatever he wants to do. Why in the world did he let RANDALL decide if Rebecca was also hired?! Hello??? Why would he have offered something like that to Rebecca and dangle it in her face only to let it be yanked right away from her. That is SO uncool!!!


Superchikk said...

We don't usually watch that show, but caught it on a rerun on CNBC last night. I thought Randall was quite hateful there at the end. I think that if she had been asked that question, she would've said to hire Randall.

I saw Rebecca on Fox & Friends this morning. She was very upbeat and positive...and even said she didn't hold any hard feelings against Randall. Either she's too sweet for her own good, or she's a very good liar.

AfricaBleu said...

Ha! I hadn't even seen ONE episode of the new season, but I did catch the end of the finale, and I agree - that guy was just petty and mean. I mean, what would it have hurt if he had been gracious and allowed that girl to be hired?

He just came across as Scrooge - bah, humbug.

I can't watch "The Apprentice" very often - that hair of the Donald's makes me giggle too much.