Monday, January 30, 2006

Life is so short...

I'm not quite sure how I feel today. I was reading the Sunday paper yesterday afternoon and for whatever strange reason I do it, I was glancing through the obituaries. I usually see if there are any names I recognize and always look to see how old everyone is. I often wonder what their lives were like or what their families are going through. I never really expect to see anyone I know, so I was shocked to see a name I recognized in yesterday's obituaries. This wasn't some older person who had come to the end of a great life, but rather a guy I used to date who was about a year older than me. I met him soon after I moved to my little town and we "dated" on and off for about 4 years or so. He was one of those guys who I knew down deep really wasn't that "in to me" and vice versa, but it was just someone that was there, ya know. I cared about him, but was no where near in love with him. The last conversation I remember having with him was about 5 years ago when he called one day while I was shopping and I mentioned something about having my step-daughter with me. It had been a while before that since we'd talked and he was surprised things with my husband and I had progressed so quickly as to the point of marriage. I didn't talk to him after that. I've seen his dad on occasion and we've exchanged the "tell him/her hi" stuff, but nothing really ever significant. Then yesterday I found out that he passed away. It was a very nauseating feeling. I couldn't help but think that if my husband hadn't come into my life when he did and pursued me the way he did, and then thank God, proposed to me, where might my life have gone? What if something more significant had ever happened with me and this guy? What if my husband hadn't been here or had given up on me? Would I have ended up with this guy? Would I be a widow right now? Would I have ended up with someone else? It just all has made me think how differently my life might have turned out and how unbelievable thankful I am for my husband, my daughter, my step-daughter, my family, friends, church, everything.

When something like this happens, it usually causes me to reevaluate my life and the things that are important. It makes me want to hug my husband a little tighter and a little longer. It makes me want to never let Rachel go. It makes me want to contact every friend I have just to tell them I love them. You just never know when the next tomorrow might be the last tomorrow for you or someone you care about. So hold close those you love today. Hug tighter. Love deeper.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bachelor Vents

I will admit it to all of you out there who may not know me well - I love reality TV and my favorite right now is the Bachelor. So, in honor of my current addiction, I have to vent a little about this retardo's choices.

Jehan - Ok. She's cute. I don't think she's 'the one', though.

Moana - Give.Me.A.Freakin'.Break. Can't stand her. What the heck is Tardo thinking on this one? I do NOT know!!

Sarah from Canada - She's cute. I'll give you that. But if I have to listen to that stinkin' WHINEY voice for one more espisode, I swear I just might scream!!!! Seriously, I can't even begin to describe how much her voice annoys me!

Sarah from TN - one of my favorites from the start, although I'm scared there might not be that romantic connection between them. How convenient, though, that they both live in Nashville?! I'm just sayin'.

Tara - OMG! What is this girl still doing there?! I REALLY don't get her. She is super insecure to have to go searching out Tardo every.stinkin.time he's with another girl! I mean, come ON! Give them man some space there, Clingy!

Susan - I think she's the one I would pick out of the remainders for Tardo to choose. She's just got that classy look about her. Although the other night when they were discussing their "turn-ons" she let some whoppers slip from her mouth and she's apparently fond of the "f-word", which, IMO, isn't so classy. Still, I think she might be right up there on his choice list.

Cole - I'm really quite disappointed that this one is gone. She was cute, sweet, sincere - and then Tardo lets her go and keeps ones like Tara and Moana?! What am I not seeing here?

Oh and Jennifer last night with the bugs?!?! Give me a BREAK! Send that scardy cat packin'!

It sometimes makes me wonder if these dudes wish, after getting to know the girls they've kept, if they wish they could bring back some of the earlier cuts. Now, see, that would make for an interesting show!

And I cannot write about this show without making mention of psycho, egg-rotting, reproduction needing Allie G. Even as I think about her, I just shake my head. There are just some people that need not be on a show like this and, yes folks, this one would be one of them. Although I must say, she has definitely given people something to talk about! Poor girl. I usually don't care much about watching the "Women Tell All" episode, but let me just say, I am counting down the weeks until this one! I cannot WAIT to see what all goes on with her, if she even shows up! Wow.

And now, only 6 days left until the next Rose Ceremony. Who will it be? For the past few seasons I've watched (save the one with the O'Donnell dude on it, cause I didn't watch), I've been able to predict with almost 100% accuracy who the Bachelors will chose. I don't always get my picks in early. Sometimes it's down to the wire. But I'm good. I'm really good. So, stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. Before the last episode, I will predict the girl that will receive the final rose...... will I be right? You'll have to wait and see.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Caught in the Act

Today at lunch, this was the conversation:

Katie stands over by Rachel's chair with a handful of Wheat Thins, "Jill, can I eat these crackers?"

"Are they your crackers or are they Rachel's?" I said.

"They're Katie's", she said.

"Ok, if they're yours, you can eat them."

Immediately after getting the answer to the previous question, "Jill, can I go turn the TV back on to Dora so Rachel can watch it?" (yeah, right, so Rachel can watch..... uh huh)

"Yes, you can go turn on the TV."

As she hands me the crackers on her way to the TV, "Here, Jill. These are Rachel's."

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello out there?

After being lax on reading everyone's blogs for most of last week, as I'm catching up this week I apparently missed the whole de-lurking thing. I'm getting in on it now, though. For all of you who check out my blog and read it on occassion, please send a comment my way and let me know where you are from and how you found my site. I see so many interesting places on my little tracker thingamagig and wonder who you all are. So just say a quick howdy and I'd be so thrilled!

Gotta go pee now. This dang water drinking thing is for the birds!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lost: 2.5 +/- lbs!!

Well, gang - I've stuck with the whole Weight Watchers deal for the better part of a week now (I cheated a little yesterday) and have lost between 2 and 3 lbs so far!! And I've never peed more in my whole life! It's actually not been quite as difficult as I thought it would be and I've really enjoyed eating all the veggies and fruits! OH!! And I've exercised! Those of you who know me are going "yeah right" but really I have! I walked and did Pilates last week! Oh and I hear know.........with your husband........burns quite a lot of calories as well, so know...........a lot.

Monday, January 09, 2006

I Did It!!!

I got up this morning early enough to do Pilates! I don't mind this type of exercise because I like the stretching and the non-aerobic stuff. But I feel like I've had a work out! I hated the actual act of getting out of bed, but once I was up, I was up. It wasn't so bad.

Also, I'm eating a bowl of Special K with skim milk which I've measured according to the serving size.......which is a small amount, I must say! :) I'm about to have my morning cuppa and we'll be all set. I'm going to read over a friend's Weight Watchers stuff today to see if that's something I'd be interested in. If any of you have tried that, let me know. Really, that's about the only one I would do because I can still fix meals and eat pretty much anything as long as I count it and it's proportioned. So, I'd like to hear if any of you have experience with that and if you feel like it's worth doing.

Off to my coffee now. I'm excited that I actually got my hiney out of bed and exercised this morning so I had to share.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

So yeah, um about the resolutions....

Here it is January 5th (happy belated birthday to my stepbrother, Jamin!!) and I'm not doing so hot on the resolutions. Acutally, the health part is a smidge better and I feel good about my increase in water drinkage and my salad consumption, but as of yet I have not exercised at all. My pilates DVD is staring me in the face and I hear it calling when my alarm goes off at 6am, but I just tune it out. I know, I'm horrible. Oh and the work thing. I've been working on tax issues for the past couple of days and I'm determined that I'm going to be more organized in the coming year. In fact, I have so much JUNK on my desk right now that it's driving me crazy! So, it's off to organizing I go.

I have been watching some of the Dancing with the Stars show that's on and it looks like so much fun! I wish I could do that sort of stuff. THAT would be the kind of exercise I would actually enjoy!