Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Did I pick it, or did I pick it? Yes, that's right. Yours truly made the correct prediction YET AGAIN on who the Bachelor would chose and this time, ladies and gentlemen, he got it RIGHT!!

I am a happy woman and can go to sleep knowing all is well with the reality TV world..... so long as America doesn't loose their brain on American Idol.

Female Favorite: Katherine McPhee
Male Favorite: Taylor Hicks

Monday, February 20, 2006

Look Below...

Look right beneath the previous post for a new post. I saved one as a draft and then when I went to publish the thing, it had a previous date on it. So, it's actually a new post, but it just shows up earlier. Weird.

Be sure to watch "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" show tonight. You KNOW I'm gonna be watching!!!!! I can't WAIT!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Predictions

Ok, I have to say that I correctly predicted tonight's "loser" on The Bachelor before the show aired. Yes, I was right.

Now, I'm ready to make my prediction on the final rose......





Sarah from Tennessee. I have many reasons for my decision, all of which I am WAY too tired to list tonight. There's always a chance that weirdo Moana will sneak through, but I'm staying put on my original decision from the very first night when they got out of the limo. Sarah is going to be the one standing at the very end. I will be ready to barf up my guts while watching this spectacle two weeks from tonight, but nevertheless, I WILL be watching........ watching Sarah get the final rose and a possible proposal!

Anyone care to make a wager on this one?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Four Things

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1) Sales Clerk
2) Insurance Rep
3) Missions Ministry Assistant
4) Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Four movies you could watch over and over:
1) Steal Magnolias
2) How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days
3) You’ve Got Mail
4) The Notebook
(how sappy am I?!)

Four places you’ve lived:
1) Western Grove, AR (I dare you to find this one!!)
2) Harrison, AR
3) Fayetteville, AR
4) Springdale, AR

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Like I can pick just four…. Whatever
1) The Bachelor
2) Grey’s Anatomy
3) Lost
4) Desperate Housewives
(good Lord, that was hard to just pick four!!! J)

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
1) Memphis, TN
2) Mississippi
3) Orlando, FL
4) Victoria Falls (yep folks, that would be Africa!!)

Four of your favorite foods:
1) Krispy Kreme donuts
2) Soup, Salad, and breadsticks from Olive Garden
3) Shake’s Frozen Custard
4) Cinnamon rolls, or anything else sweet and pastry like

Four sites I visit daily:
1) my blog friends
2) Google – cause there’s always inevitably something I have to search for
3) Mary Kay In Touch
4) msn.com

It Has Arrived!

On Saturday, our new 37 inch Phillips LCD HDTV made a home in our living room. I must say, I was looking forward to getting this little wonder, but my husband was just about to split something, he was so excited!! He's not a big TV watcher, per say, but the boy likes his sports. I, on the other hand, have several shows I enjoy watching during the week. And we both LOVE movies, so needless to say, we were happy about our new purchase.

I found a stand for it to go on that I was happy with. I'm not one that enjoys the contemporary/modern look of furniture, nor do I like the retro type stuff, so it was hard for me to find something a bit more traditional in style without it costing me an arm and a leg (and I only had one of each to spare after this TV purchase which did cost me one arm and one leg and then some). This one we found at a local store and I was happy with the look and the price, so we got it. It's a black oak look, which I didn't think I would like, but it actually looks pretty good.

Once our TV was here and the stand was all put together, we turned it on and I wish so badly I could demonstrate sound on this here blog because it was like the "ahh, ahh, ahh - ahh, ahh, ahh" sound in the Little Mermaid as we turned on this beautiful piece of electronic magic! I can't even describe to you the difference it makes in the picture. It looks as though the people on the screen are sitting right here in the living room with me! It truly is amazing.

Here is a picture of the new addition to our family. And yes, that IS the Backyardagins on the screen......and my daughter standing in awe. She has taken up permanent residence in front of this wonder. She's is thrilled to see a nearly lifesize Dora on the screen as well. Now that is a sight to behold, let me tell you....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Random Thoughts

First, my friend's picture obituary was in the paper today. That was a little nauseating seeing him in the OBITUARY section. It's just not right. However, I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm going to let it be a reminder to me to love more. We don't have another day promised to us, so I need to enjoy this one while I've got it!

On a subject that's not so heavy, we bought a new TV on Monday night. We don't have it yet, but will by the Super Bowl. I'm excited about this new piece of equipment as I'm sure I will get almost as much enjoyment out of it as my husband will. My big problem with it right now is there is not a piece of furniture in all of Northwest Arkansas (and even Oklahoma and Kansas) that I like and is in my preferred price range. Sure there are plenty of things I could get that would "do", but nothing that's striking me as "that's the one!" I've seen lots of pretty things that I wouldn't mind having, but then I look at the price tag - OUCH!! The major problem we have - there are NO entertainment centers, armoires, etc, that will fit the size TV that we decided on..... that is unless we want to pay a boat load of cash - and I don't - cause I'm cheap! But, I'm not so cheap as to want a piece of furniture in my home that looks like it belongs in a college guys apartment! I'm so frustrated about this that last night, I even had nightmares about finding pieces that I loved that were in my price range but then they were TOO SMALL!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!!

I big shout out goes to my friend Superchikk for coming over last night to help me organize my work space! Normally I feel like I'm a pretty organized person, but this particular area had gotten out of hand and I just hadn't taken the time to mess with it. So, as she's beginning a new business venture for herself, I very gladly accepted her offer to come and lend her expertise to my hideous desk. Let me tell you, the girl knows what she's doing and it was lovely to have a fresh perspective on stuff. I was able to empty 4 container items and everything now has a specific place and it's all neat!! And there's one basket in my desk now that doesn't have a thing in it!! When something is all in order like that, I feel so relaxed, so peaceful! And you should just see all the workspace I actually have on this little desk of mine! I have room to work!!!!! I love it!!! Thank you Superchikk!!

The Bachelor - what in the name of Pete is Moana STILL doing on this show? I'm so glad Sarah from Tennessee is still there. I'm still not liking Sarah Canada's little raspy whine, though. I'm starting to warm up to her, but that whine has got to go! And Susan from KS - I'm torn. She's beautiful and she seems nice and not the villain type and she is from where Hubby is from and so that kinda draws me to her. There's just something about her that I'm just not sure about. I'm really pulling for TN Sarah. I'm not seeing that romantic connection that I normally see between the Bachelor and his ladies, but maybe after the hometown dates we'll see it. I liked that he told her on their one-on-one date that he didn't have to doubt who she was and that he could tell she was just honest and had a pure character. I totally agree. I just need to see some "I want you" chemistry between them and it's not happening yet. Maybe after next week's episode, I can have a better handle on my prediction for the final rose. OOOOHHHH!! And for all you Bachelor fans in the area, the show will henceforth be viewed in HDTV at my casa on the new 37 inch LCD TV that my husband is itching to be delivered. All my homies are invited each and every Monday night through the remainder of the 'dating'!! :)

I'm off to do some research for what's going to contain this new TV. Wish me luck.