Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Did I pick it, or did I pick it? Yes, that's right. Yours truly made the correct prediction YET AGAIN on who the Bachelor would chose and this time, ladies and gentlemen, he got it RIGHT!!

I am a happy woman and can go to sleep knowing all is well with the reality TV world..... so long as America doesn't loose their brain on American Idol.

Female Favorite: Katherine McPhee
Male Favorite: Taylor Hicks


AfricaBleu said...

Darn, I have nothing to say on your blog lately because I don't watch those shows.

Please start watching Lost, or Scrubs, or My Name is Earl, so I will know what you're talking about! ;)

Superchikk said...

We sort of ditched the ol' Bachelor, but we are totally addicted to American Idol. From what I just saw tonight, I think Chris Daughtry is the best guy of the group. I do like Taylor's style, though. And I think Katherine is pretty good, but you have to be rootin' for Mandisa, who is a very outspoken but classy Christian lady. (She sings with Travis Cotrell.)

Carbon said...

funny how the bachelor is now a bachelor again. he and his honey broke up. I guess living a block apart was too close ;-)