Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue's Clues

My son is obsessed with Blue's Clues. He LOVES Blue. He gets really, really upset if we have to turn off one of our dvr'd episodes before it's over. Any time he sees any sort of paw print, he yells, "A CLUE! A CLUE!" It really is pretty cute. He sleeps with a stuffed Blue and asks to watch it every day. And let me take this opportunity to give a big shout out to Noggin for playing that show so many times so I can have a variety on my dvr. Whew.
But I've got a dilemma. I've got all kinds of "Cars" stuff for his birthday this year. I found it on clearance last year and thought I would just steer him toward "Cars" for this year. I never figured on him loving Blue as much as he does. So now I'm torn. Do I use the stuff I have or do I try and find Blue's Clues stuff, which I'll have to find online because there is nary a store that carries that stuff anymore.... believe me. I've looked.
Let me also say that my son, who will not be two for another 3 weeks, pooped on the potty last night. That's right, folks. He POOPED on the potty! WOOHOO! He was standing in the kitchen and I had JUST put a new diaper on him. He said, "Poop?" so I immediately grabbed his hand and said, "Let's go poop in the potty!!" He was ok with it at first and then he wanted down. I let him sit there for about 6 or 7 minutes and then all of the sudden, there it came. Of course I hooped and hollered and he got excited because I was excited. Although I'm sure he didn't know what I was excited about. He was just glad to have an opportunity to clap and squeal for something. I'm pretty sure this will be a one time thing because he doesn't quite get the concept yet of "if you do this, I'll give you this" yet. And until that point, you just can't bribe a kid to go sit on the potty. But by golly, if he says poop again, don't think I won't be grabbing him up and heading to the potty!
Lastly, check out our puppy blog. I'm posting some new pics of our puppies. If you know of anyone that is interested, please send them our way. We're in the process of looking for good homes for our babies. We have 10 to place - 6 girls and 4 boys.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Dinner conversation tonight:

Rachel, out of the blue: "I broke up with my boyfriend today." she said, totally nonchalant like it was part of every day conversation.

Daddy snapped his head over toward her and I know I did a double take!

Me and Daddy: "WHAT?!"

Rachel: "I broke up with Jonathan today."

Me, as Daddy stares at her like she's just grown three horns out of her head: "What do you mean you 'broke up' with your boyfriend?"

Rachel: "I broke up with Jonathan because he wasn't listening to me when I was talking to him."

Me: "What does a boyfriend or girlfriend mean?"

Rachel: "You know. You play on the playground together and you do your stuff together."

Mike, steam coming out of his ears: "What STUFF?!" he said, with nary a crack of a smile on his face.

Me: "Do you mean like stuff in class together?"

Rachel: "Yeah, like homework and centers and stuff. But, actually, he was talking to another girl and not talking to me, so I broke up with him."

Me - TOTALLY DYING trying not to laugh: "Well, you can be friends with boys but you're not to have a "boyfriend" or to be anyone's "girlfriend". That's just for big people, ok? But you can still be friends with boys and that's ok."

Rachel: "Ok."

Lord, help us. My mom says I'm paying for my raising. I'm pretty sure it was in Kindergarten when I had my first crush and I had that same crush all the way through 6th grade. Then I went to prom with him my 10th grade year. He was a senior. Dream come true, right? It was the yuckiest night EVER. Gross!! What in the heck was I thinking when I was in Kindergarten?! :)