Monday, October 31, 2005

I DID IT!!!!!

For quite some time, I've contemplated coloring my hair. I've always wished that it was more red than it is now. Saturday, my hubby and daughter and I were at Wal-Mart looking at dog collars of all things and happened down the hair color isle. I decided it was time! I called one of my girlfriends and asked if she'd come over and do it with me and what color did she want? :) My hubby picked out the colors for both of us. She came over and I put the color on her hair and while hers was working its magic, she put the color on mine. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw just how RED the dye was, but once it was all said and done, I really like the color. I'm still not used to it, but it's cool. Hubby likes it, too, which is a really good thing since he picked out the color! I don't have a picture of myself that I can post as yet, but I do have a picture of the box of the color I used and my hair is pretty similar to the girl on the box. Although now, I'm pretty sure I've limited myself on the colors of clothes, jewelry, and makeup I can wear. The pinks I used to wear don't look quite as cute as they did 3 days ago....... CRAP! What have I done?!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today Is A Good Day

Such was the scene at my house this morning for about 45 minutes!! Copper looks awfully comfy being snuggled by the littlest princess of the house. Rachel was very content just to sit there and cuddle while she watched Dora. I just had to stare for a while. I think my daughter gets cuter every day! She's so smart and so funny. I can't imagine how I will ever love another child as much as I love her. I never imagined I'd love her like I do.

My house is peaceful right now. All the kiddies are down for a nap and there's just the sound of the computer buzzing. I can hear the leaves rustling outside. Every several minutes there's a car that passes, but for the most part, it's silent on my street today. The weather is absolutely perfect! It's just the right temperature for a light sweater/sweatshirt during the day and just enough nip in the air for a jacket at night. Snuggling under the covers is so much more fun when the weather is cool and the window is cracked just a little. I fixed chili for dinner last night, which is one of my favorite things to cook when the weather turns cool, and my hubby said, "One thing you definitely can do is make a good pot of chili". He compliments me on the meals I cook and usually says, "It's good" or something similar, but when he said that last night, I felt validated. I know he appreciates me cooking him meals and tells me so often. But just something about the way he complimented my chili (which in my opinion is really good) just made me feel good.

Tonight we will go to church for "Dinner with the Pastor". We'll meet and visit with new or prospective members and hopefully make some new friends and get to visit with some old friends. The menu is Mexican and promises to be scrumptious!! I'm anxious to mingle and hopefully make a few business contacts.

Right now, though, I'm enjoying the peace of the moment. No kids yelling. No Cinderella or Nemo in the background. No phone ringing. No talking. Just peace.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Please Sign In

Check over on the right side there and see my Guest Map. Please take a minute to sign in and let me know that you stopped in for a visit.

It's 10:30 and I'm not really sure why I am still awake. I'm really wishing my face was already washed, my pj's were already on, and that my house was clean. Now I don't have to have my house clean before I go to sleep, but it'd really be nice if someone cleaned my house anyway. Anyone know of a good maid I could call. I'm so seriously NOT wanting to clean my house that I'm going to hire someone to come do it. At least once. I would have such wonderful warm fuzzies..... I can't even explain it! If anyone talks to my husband between now and Christmas/my birthday, please tell him I want him to hire someone to clean my house as my gift! WOOHOOO!! That makes me happy just thinking about it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mediocrity Vs. Excellence

This past weekend was our Mary Kay VIP retreat with our National Sales Director, Rena Tarbet. There were about 600 women there at a beautiful camp in Texas. It was an amazing weekend filled with lots of training, fellowship, and motivation. I was very excited to have the opportunity to have a photo momento with Rena. She is truly an amazing woman! She has battled cancer for years and years and in fact was going back the day after the retreat to receive even more chemo. The cancer has really taken a toll on her body, but let me tell you it's done nothing to deter her spirit! She is such an inspiration to so many other women in and out of Mary Kay. The fact that she can keep on keeping on through the struggles of cancer gives so many women such encouragement! I love it that she's so transparent and no-nonsense and that she has such a wonderful wit and sense of humor. I'm truly blessed to be a part of her area and to be under her teaching and training for the few more years she's in Mary Kay. And the whole weekend encouraged me so much! It made me realize even more that this business gives women the opportunity to achieve everything they desire! It made me take a look at myself and see where I am and where I want to be. It made me see that I've been conducting not only my Mary Kay business, but many other areas in my life in mediocrity. If I continue to do that, I'll receive mediocre results. If I conduct my life in every aspect in excellence, I will receive results that are excellent. I talked with my husband when I got home and gave him the Cliff Notes version of my weekend and told him what the bottom line of the weekend was for me. He was also VERY encouraging to me and made me know that I have his full support in my pursuit of excellence! Of course, this means I could most likely make more money than him and he's totally fine with me being his Sugar Mamma!! :) I think I could handle that as well!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hits From Around The World

I just recently put a site counter on my blog and I think it is SO interesting to see all the different places that people are from that view my blog! I thought I'd post a list of all the locations of my blog viewers just to see. I know who some of these people are, but not all, so if you're a regular viewer, please comment and let me know from whence you come.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Aukland, New Zealand
Padstow, New South Wales, Australia
Sheffield, UK
San Jose, California
Vernal, Utah
Meriden, Connecticut
Canton, Michigan
Franklin, Ohio
Harwood Heights, Illinois
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Garland, Texas
Peel, Arkansas
Siloam Springs, AR
Fayetteville, AR
Johnson, AR
Springdale, AR

Wherever you are from, I thank you for stopping in. I hope you have a great day!!

Monday, October 10, 2005


My dear daughter is saying "Apple. Apple. Mommy, Apple. Apple." I fixed her an apple and she started crying. Now she's saying it over and over again in a voice that says "I'm so sad. Fix me an apple please...." all while pouting of course. But she doesn't want what she's asking for.

I've had the Oscar Mayer bologna song going through my head all afternoon for no real reason. "My bologna has a first name - it's O-S-C-A-R. My bologna has a second name......" you get the picture. And yes, you're welcome. :)

I don't have anything laid out for dinner and my husband is pulling in the driveway as I type this. I'm in obviously no hurry to jump up and fix something but I feel like I should.

I've got a meeting tonight that I'm really excited about, but don't really wanna get dressed and ready for.

Random day, don't you think?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blast From The Past

Last night was our 80's party. My husband wore a mullet wig with pork chops. Not only did he wear this at the party, but as we were driving there, he had the windows rolled down and his head practically hanging out the window for everyone to see! Needless to say, we got more than a few stares as we traveled.....

We laughed at everyone's costumes as they arrived because we were so mortified that we actually used to WEAR stuff like that! I don't know that my hair had actually ever been quite so tall, but it was fun getting it there and a little scary that the hairstyling techniques of nearly 20 years ago came rushing back to me with little effort. Sadly, the earrings are some I've kept over the years. I did purchase stirrup pants because I didn't own any of those and no jeans I have are tight enough around the ankle to peg roll. I did get dubbed Molly Ringwald. I won't complain. She was a very cool chick in the 80's!

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Mommy's Turn Now

For the past couple of days, I've changed some wretched diapers as there has been some sort of bug going around that my lovely, stinky daughter has contracted. Last night, I got the beginnings of a headache, so I used it as the excuse to lay on my couch and watch Survivor, CSI, and Without a Trace (gotta love CBS on Thursday!). Well, today, Baby Girl has given me the opportunity to join in her tummy fun. Yippee. I think I'd rather have the flu.

Tonight, the people from my Sunday school class at church are getting together for an 80's party. It's all about the stirrup pants, jelly shoes, big tacky jewelry (speaking of which, I've gotta find some earrings), and BIG hair! I will most definitely have pictures to this magnificent event posted on my blog after this evening's festivities. Oh, and the dinner is Mexican. That's gonna be great for my stomach tonight, I assure you.

Tomorrow is the bridal shower for one of my bestest girlfriends. I'm excited to see what she gets!! I kinda felt a few pangs of guilt at my first shower because I'm not one to 'take' things from people often, but by the time my baby showers came along, I was excited about opening presents!!! Now, I'm wishing we had 5 year anniversary showers or something. I need some new things! Is it bad for me to ponder ways I could 'delay' my friend's arrival to the shower and do like they do at the Oscars, "I'm sorry, but she couldn't be here to accept these gifts, so I accept them on her behalf"..... but then I keep the gifts? Horrible, huh?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Let's Talk About You.... What Do You Think About Me?" - Bette Midler in Beaches

10 Years Ago
Humph. I was seriously in like with “the bad boy” and “As I Lay Me Down” by Sophie B. Hawkins was one of my favorites. I was in my first semester of college and life was good.

5 Years Ago
I had finally decided that I was truly in love with the man that would be my husband. This came after months of wishy-washy. Wow. Can’t believe that’s been 5 years ago already! Time flies… and life was really good

1 Year Ago
I was nursing an 8 month old baby and really enjoying my favorite season of all and excited she would get to experience fall for the first time EVER! Life was really, really good!

I spent the morning working a bit and playing with my kiddies. They entertain me! I spent the afternoon visiting with a 70 year old lady who was funny, quick as a whip, and precious. She’d been a Mary Kay consultant several years ago and decided she’s like to do it again to give her something to do. I’ll now have the opportunity to visit more with her. I’m excited about that!

5 Snacks I Enjoy
Reeces (pieces or cups – I’m not picky)
Cream Puffs – not a snack, I know, but it’s MY list!
Pizza Dip – thanks to Michelle

5 Songs I Know All the Words To
Jesus Loves Me – could it be because I’ve sang it 3,427,985 times since Rachel was born? Just a thought.
All the Wiggles songs
“The Prayer” – Josh Groban
“The Way You Look Tonight” – Sinatra – Hubby and I have claimed this as “Our” song
“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong – one of my all time favorite songs EVER!

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars
Pay off ALL my debt
Put back enough for the kids college
Buy something fun like a new, BIG house!

5 Places I’d Run Away To
Hawaii with Mike
Disney World with Mike
Italy with Mike
Ireland with Mike
A spa with girlfriends

5 Things I’d Never Wear
Any shirts that make me look fatter
Any pants that make me look fatter
Any skirts that make me look fatter
Any shoes that make me look fatter
Any accessories that make me look fatter

5 Favorite TV Shows
Monday – Medium
Tuesday – Amazing Race/American Idol
Wednesday – Lost/American Idol
Thursday – Everything on CBS
Sunday – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition/Desperate Housewives

5 Biggest Joys
Mike, Rachel, & Tanner
My family & friends
My church
Knowing that I helped someone
Listening to my favorite music while drinking a cup of coffee – aaahhhhh………

5 Favorite Toys
My computer – obviously
My digital camera
My make-up – I’d be unemployed without it!
My new knives – they make me want to cook more
Mike :) hehehehehe

5 Fine Folks Who Can Now Consider Themselves Tagged
AfricaBleu, GreenEyedView, MommyMaki, Kristi, and everyone else that wants to participate.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ok, I had to do it.

I found this little quiz on one of my regular reads and I had to take it. I'm a complete sucker for those things. I found that I'm Winnie. I kinda figured, but this just confirmed my suspicions.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Who are you? :)