Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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It's 10:30 and I'm not really sure why I am still awake. I'm really wishing my face was already washed, my pj's were already on, and that my house was clean. Now I don't have to have my house clean before I go to sleep, but it'd really be nice if someone cleaned my house anyway. Anyone know of a good maid I could call. I'm so seriously NOT wanting to clean my house that I'm going to hire someone to come do it. At least once. I would have such wonderful warm fuzzies..... I can't even explain it! If anyone talks to my husband between now and Christmas/my birthday, please tell him I want him to hire someone to clean my house as my gift! WOOHOOO!! That makes me happy just thinking about it!


AfricaBleu said...

When we were young, we dreamed of:

having a perfect figure,
marrying the perfect man,
being rich, rich, RICH.

Now we dream of:
pants that have an expandable waist-line that don't make our butts look TOO big,
enough money to save for our kids's college,
a full night's sleep,
a clean house.

How come THAT'S not reflected on "Desperate Housewives?"

Small Town Diva said...

Jill, I have the best magnet ever--it's a woman sleeping (1960's look, with a smile on her face) with the caption "I dreamed my whole house was clean." Kinda captures your mood!

I remember once staying up half the night to clean my house and then just sitting down and looking at this beautifully clean living room. Then my son came down, wide awake at 3 years, and that was the end of that. :}

Kristi said...

Ha- that's at least one good thing about working away from home for a few months- I don't have to clean! Yipee! :)

Jill said...

Bleu - the reason that stuff isn't reflected on DH is because everyone on there has the PERFECT figure, and oh yes Gabrielle has all the money in the world, and Bree who is the cleanest freak I've ever laid eyes on! Can I be on that show, please? :)

Diva - I need that magnet! :) And I must say, you are a better woman than me to stay up that long cleaning. I mean, I like a clean house and all, but I'm a much bigger fan of sleep. Hence the need for a housekeeper. HA.

Kristi - Come home!!! I'll come clean YOUR house if you come back!! Cancel that - I'll hire someone to clean your house if you come back!! :)

Mary P. said...

Hello, Jill! I thought I'd pop into your blog, since you've been to mine. I put a pin on your guest map. I have a postcard with exactly that picture that Diva has. It's by Anne Taintor, who has a whole line of great stuff like that. You can find her stuff by clicking here.

Kassi said...

I had someone come in and clean my house once. It was awesome. Of course, immediately after she left I did a "re-sweep" because I'm a retentative freak like that.