Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today Is A Good Day

Such was the scene at my house this morning for about 45 minutes!! Copper looks awfully comfy being snuggled by the littlest princess of the house. Rachel was very content just to sit there and cuddle while she watched Dora. I just had to stare for a while. I think my daughter gets cuter every day! She's so smart and so funny. I can't imagine how I will ever love another child as much as I love her. I never imagined I'd love her like I do.

My house is peaceful right now. All the kiddies are down for a nap and there's just the sound of the computer buzzing. I can hear the leaves rustling outside. Every several minutes there's a car that passes, but for the most part, it's silent on my street today. The weather is absolutely perfect! It's just the right temperature for a light sweater/sweatshirt during the day and just enough nip in the air for a jacket at night. Snuggling under the covers is so much more fun when the weather is cool and the window is cracked just a little. I fixed chili for dinner last night, which is one of my favorite things to cook when the weather turns cool, and my hubby said, "One thing you definitely can do is make a good pot of chili". He compliments me on the meals I cook and usually says, "It's good" or something similar, but when he said that last night, I felt validated. I know he appreciates me cooking him meals and tells me so often. But just something about the way he complimented my chili (which in my opinion is really good) just made me feel good.

Tonight we will go to church for "Dinner with the Pastor". We'll meet and visit with new or prospective members and hopefully make some new friends and get to visit with some old friends. The menu is Mexican and promises to be scrumptious!! I'm anxious to mingle and hopefully make a few business contacts.

Right now, though, I'm enjoying the peace of the moment. No kids yelling. No Cinderella or Nemo in the background. No phone ringing. No talking. Just peace.


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh, I keep bringing up that picture just to make me smile- she is such the little image of you!

Jill said...

True dat - because my ideal day would be to sit on the couch with the pup and the kid and watch TV all dang day and not feel a bit of guilt about it! Sadly, I don't see that happening for a long, long, very long time.

Geek4god said...

One question.. In the picture she is licking her fingers!!!! Is she getting ready to give the dog a wet willy?

Also that looks frightfully like a sleeper hold she has on the dog!!!! Is she watching Dora or WWF smackdown!! Fess up!!

AfricaBleu said...

You're right - she's pretty darn cute!

Ah, what a nice morning you had. Moments like THOSE are what makes the SAHM gig worth all the NOT so fun stuff, eh?

Jill said...

Geek - well, her Daddy has been guilty of watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but since this was around 8am, I doubt that's what it was. It may have been BC Builders or whatever that boy toy commercial is that plays in between her favorite cartoon?

Bleu - I love the SAHM gig! It's the absolute best job I've ever had! Being able to pick up my baby girl any time I get ready and to watch her discover new things each day is worth it all!