Monday, June 23, 2008

New Camera

We got a new camera last Saturday.....and I've already taken over 700 pictures..... yeah. Sad, isn't it? I love love LOVE my camera!! I'll download pictures soon.

We had a great visit with Mike's folks in KC this past weekend. We got up there on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We got lots of stuff in over the few days we were there. Amazingly enough, I got pictures of all that, too. :) I'll post those later as well.

And just a side note, I love watching Barefoot Contessa. Not that I would ever make anything that she makes, but for whatever reason, she's just the most calming person. I get so relaxed just watching her and listening to her talk about whatever gourmet thing she's making.

Tonight is the final four of the Bachelorette. It's hometown dates tonight. I've got my favorites and I'm going to go ahead, just by what few previews I've seen for tonight's episode, and say that Graham is who she's sending packing. She's got major physical chemistry with him, but I think she's gonna see that she needs more than what he can give her emotionally. Just my guess. We'll find out for sure in a few hours. Be sure to check out Lincee's recap tomorrow at Absolutely freakin' hysterical!!!

I watched Fool's Gold on Friday night and Juno last night. Fool's Gold was ok. Of course it has my Matthew in it and he's just eye candy for any girl. Juno was surprisingly good. I found myself getting really caught up in the story. Mike watched it with me just because he likes the music of the movie. I'm pretty sure he hated the movie, though. Oh well. I had to sit through most of Meet the Spartans with him until I just literally was bored to sleep. I've got more movies on my list of things I need to see and since I have the house to myself (except of course for the little people running around here), I'm going to get in a movie or two before my other half returns and reclaims the TV.

More later, Peeps.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

....It's Pouring.....

That old cliche, when it rains it pours - yeah, well - welcome to my world right now.

Saturday night after I downloaded all my pictures from our hike, I had my camera sitting on the arm of my chair...... yeah, you know what's coming. It fell. I'm not sure what happened to it, but it no longer works. I get a "zoom error" message when I try to turn it on. I'm going to have to take it to the camera shop here in town to see if they can fix it. I'm hoping it's something simple, but I'm sick about it.

Yesterday, I locked my keys in my car. That would be the THIRD time I've done that since I've had this van. The first was 4 years ago about this same time and Rachel was in the car. The second time was last year about this time and Rachel, again, was in the car. Yesterday, because God decided to take it easy on me, Rachel (nor any of my other children) were locked in my car along with my keys and cell phone. I was at Wendy's with some friends I'd brought with me. We were getting lunch for my girls and a couple other ladies. I used Wendy's handy dandy cordless to call Tanner's mom (who works at the police department, which has been a helpful tidbit more than once) and beg for her to send a nice officer to my rescue. Said officer was apparently the only one on duty then who had the tools for unlocking vehicles of idiots who'd locked their keys in their car - and he was clear up in Bentonville getting a prisoner. So, I got to spend a little extra time in the Wendy's parking lot doing some serious people watching. I do have to say that a college age girl was the only one that offered any help. She asked if I needed a ride and said she noticed I'd been there for quite a while. There are still nice people in the world and this day it came in the form of a young girl. Oh, and another thing that makes this even better is I called up to the church to see if someone could come get my other passengers so they could get back to VBS preparations and so my girls could get their lunch and after 15 minutes had passed, I again used Wendy's handy dandy cordless to call back up to see if they'd sent anyone yet. They had........ to the other Wendy's in town. As I was on the phone figuring out what to do, another one of our teachers walked in the door and saved the day for my passengers. Thanks to Julie, the lunches weren't frigid when they were delivered to the hungry people back at church. The nice officer arrived after I'd been enjoying Wendy's for about an hour or so (should have gone back inside to get a refill on my Diet Coke now that I think about it) and went straight to work on trying to get my car unlocked. He tried his first tool and worked with it for a few minutes and seemed to be having quite a time getting it to do anything and about a minute into him working with the lock he got a call from I'm assuming his wife. They had a discussion for a bit and once he ended the call, I realized that little tool was stuck in my door. He left it in there and said I could work on it if I wanted to and that he'd come back to get it out later. He was supposed to come by my house last night, but didn't. Was supposed to come by my house today..... didn't. Shelly (Tanner's mom) had to find another officer on duty tonight to come by the ball fields where Tanner was playing to get the gadget out of the door. He was successful, and we all said Hallelujah! I no longer have to drive with a Slim Jim sticking out of the driver's side window. Thank you Shelly for all you did to help! Don't know what I would have done without you!! Yeah, I do - I would have had to call a lock smith and dealt with all that crap. Ugh. SOOOO glad I didn't have to do that. Plus, the Slim Jim sure was a conversation starter and a fun story to be able to tell now.

And then today, I was working on some bill paying. I'd been using a trial version of Microsoft Money to see if I liked it. I'd had another version, but it was on our old computer that we gave to my mom. I didn't have one on our new computer, so I had to download something or buy something to retrieve all my files from our previous version. The trial expired yesterday, so I went online today to download the actual product so I could continue with my finances. I hadn't used the particular version to the extent I thought necessary to spend that much money, so I decided to buy the most basic version. Only now none of my files from the trial version will download to the basic!! UGH!!!! So, I can't get to any of my files right now. I've gone online to cancel that request to use the basic and will go back and buy the fancier version.

I guess you could say I've had better days or series of days. I'm hoping that things will start to work themselves back out. I'm tired. I'm drained mentally. Things definitely could be worse, but gosh, I hope I don't have to go there.

Looks like Obama clinched the Democratic nom. Apparently things are still pouring.........