Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Big Weekend

So I know this is coming a couple weeks late, but I wanted to update about our trip that Mike and I took with our friends earlier this month. And prepare yourselves... there will be pictures!! I know!! You're gasping in shock right now, aren't you.

**and just on a side note - does anyone else besides me ever find themselves spelling words that they've known for years in a totally wrong way? For instance, just now, I started spelling the word pictures like this... picksures. REALLY?! Does this mean I'm getting some sort of brain disease? Because I never really think about how to spell stuff when I'm typing. I think of the word and it just hammers out without too much effort. But picksures?! I'm worried! But I digress...

Our weekend:
My mom and granny came over to stay at the house with the kids and Mom and Mike's mom, Grandma Lynn, were in charge of babysitting for the weekend. The kids were excited about getting to spend time with the grandmas. I think the grandmas were even more excited to spend time with the grandkids.

Mike and I headed out Friday afternoon with our friends Darrell and Heather and were on our way to Tulsa for the Dave Matthews Band concert. For those of you that don't know, my husband LOVES the Dave Matthews Band! We've had these concert tickets since the minute they went on sale. We got to Tulsa and checked in to our hotel and headed out to dinner. We wanted to eat at sort of a dive type place, and boy did we find it. It was this little Mexican place and when we walked in, there was not a soul there that we could see. And they served organic foods that were mostly locally grown. Mike's not big into "organic" type stuff and actually asked to have non-organic items. He's just annoying like that. But the food actually turned out to be amazing! And before we left, the place was packed and there was a line! There's something to be said for going to the Early Bird dinner. :) These old people have a good idea! We did find out right before we left the place that there was apparently a whole extra section in the back that was full of people. We had to pass all those people to get to the weirdest, most odd excuse for a bathroom I've ever seen! I seriously should have taken a picture. You talk about a "hole in the wall". Yep. That pretty much described it.

We then headed for the BOK Center and got there as Willie Nelson was beginning his opening act. He was... well... Willie. I can tolerate his recorded music, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I never heard him sing in person again. I can't stand it. But it was kinda funny when he started singing "On The Road Again", which is one hilarious song to watch my husband play on Guitar Hero. I literally cry laughing. He did redeem himself by singing "I'll Fly Away" as his closing song. It was actually not horrible.

Here's a pic of the stage when good ol' Willie was out there. You can sort of tell just how far away from the stage we were.

Here's a picture of me and Mike as we were enjoying DMB. There was no flash on my camera phone, so the best I got was when they brought a little more light onto the stage and even then, I got my arm shadow in the shot. Oh well.

Dave on the stage. My husband was just a wee bit more than excited to be there.
It was a fantastic concert! I enjoy DMB, but they aren't a band that I will go out of my way to get on my iPod. However, I would go to another one of their concerts in a heartbeat. I seriously sat there and bobbed my head the whole time. It's just that kind of music. You can't help but move. However, there was this one couple sitting in front of us that didn't move an inch the whole time we were there. Didn't even remotely come close to breaking out any kind of even a head-bob type move. Nothing. They sat like lumps on a log. HOW do you do that?! Especially with Dave?! I loved it and would go again. I hope we get to soon.
The next day was the K-State/Iowa State game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Last year, we went to this same game in Manhattan and got to tailgate with Heather's family. Her dad is the ULTIMATE tailgater. I mean, I have never seen anything quite like it in my life. His name is Walter and this is a picture of his trailer, "Walt's Wildcat Wagon". That man has everything down to a science! He would be ready to take that thing out anywhere anytime. Any other tailgating will seem like it's in vain after experiencing Walt's type of tailgating! In this pic is Mike, Heather, and Darrell enjoying some award winning baked beans. DELISH!!!

Our seats at the game were awesome! We were on the 5 yard line and so close to the field! It was crazy fun! Here is a picture of a guy going in for a touchdown. I have no idea how I captured this on my phone, but I was excited about it!
And just in case you couldn't see it in the picture above, I zoomed in a little for ya...
Quite cool, right?! That game was so fun! K-State ended up winning 24 to 23 because of a blocked extra point in the last minute of the game. My husband literally turned to me, picked me up, and started jumping up and down with me when the guy blocked Iowa State's kick! It was so funny! It was a GREAT game to have been at this year. It was exciting til the end. I love those... but only when the team I'm rooting for wins. :)
That night, we met up with Mike's brother Andy for a late night dinner and stayed there in KC. We came home that Sunday and were zapped, but had such a wonderful weekend. I loved just spending time with my hubby. We don't get to do that too often, so we certainly cherish it when the opportunity presents itself.
So, there you go. Pictures and everything. Don't get your hopes up for that to come again soon. It's taken me all day to get this one done. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

And Then There Were Three...

My white chunky boy puppy just left this evening. And I'm sort of sad about it. I'm glad he's going to the home he went to because they have a boxer already and seem like they will really love our puppy. Some friends of ours adopted another one of the girls today, too. I'm so glad she went with people we know. That's what we want. We want good homes for our babies with people that will really take care of them as members of their families. But I really sort of hoped no one would take my big white chunk. He's been my favorite since he was born. We bonded. :( And I'm sad he's gone.

Now there are three remaining puppies. They are having to snuggle a bit closer tonight since they are two less tonight than they were last night. I'm almost to the point of considering letting the remaining ones come in the house to sleep. We have a heater out there with them in our sunroom, but I just hate for them to be cold at all. They're just still so little.

I'm praying for the other three families to come quickly to adopt these three that are left. Not because I want them to leave (although I will NOT miss the poop smell), but because I know they will be so happy and so spoiled in their new homes with the families that will care for them.

Check out to see pictures of our babies and to see which ones we have left. There's one boy and two girls.

Wonder how long after these are gone that we'll be itching to have more babies? There will have to be another mama for that to happen though. Don't tell my husband, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to get another female to breed. I will be super picky with the next dog we get though. Now that I really know more about boxers, I know more of what I'm looking for and what will be a good dog. But that's down the road a bit. We still have Zoe and as long as our sweet little mutt is a part of our family, there will be no more big dogs at the Langham house!!