Saturday, October 17, 2009

And Then There Were Three...

My white chunky boy puppy just left this evening. And I'm sort of sad about it. I'm glad he's going to the home he went to because they have a boxer already and seem like they will really love our puppy. Some friends of ours adopted another one of the girls today, too. I'm so glad she went with people we know. That's what we want. We want good homes for our babies with people that will really take care of them as members of their families. But I really sort of hoped no one would take my big white chunk. He's been my favorite since he was born. We bonded. :( And I'm sad he's gone.

Now there are three remaining puppies. They are having to snuggle a bit closer tonight since they are two less tonight than they were last night. I'm almost to the point of considering letting the remaining ones come in the house to sleep. We have a heater out there with them in our sunroom, but I just hate for them to be cold at all. They're just still so little.

I'm praying for the other three families to come quickly to adopt these three that are left. Not because I want them to leave (although I will NOT miss the poop smell), but because I know they will be so happy and so spoiled in their new homes with the families that will care for them.

Check out to see pictures of our babies and to see which ones we have left. There's one boy and two girls.

Wonder how long after these are gone that we'll be itching to have more babies? There will have to be another mama for that to happen though. Don't tell my husband, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to get another female to breed. I will be super picky with the next dog we get though. Now that I really know more about boxers, I know more of what I'm looking for and what will be a good dog. But that's down the road a bit. We still have Zoe and as long as our sweet little mutt is a part of our family, there will be no more big dogs at the Langham house!!

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