Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swimming in the Rain

Mike mowed the yard soon after we got home from church today and told Rachel that they would swim after he was finished. They hadn't been in the pool for more than 5 minutes until the downpour came. Didn't phase either of them a bit. They stayed in the pool laughing and splashing. Those are the moments you just want to savor forever...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are dogsitting for one of my "granddogs" while my mother-in-law is on vacation. She gets along great with Kramer, but Copper must not remember her at all because there is a bit of a dominating female rivalry going on. Right now, they are all roaming around my kitchen and living room wondering if they actually lay down, will one of the other two pounce? Probably.

As of now, here are the stats:

# of days we've had Penny - 4
# of days until Penny goes back home - unknown (not sure what day G'ma is getting back)
# of days my husband has been out of town - 3
# of days until my husband gets back - 2
# of days next week my husband will be gone - 5
# of turds I have cleaned up out of my house since Penny's been here - at least 10
# of farts I've just heard very LOUDLY come from that dog while I've been sitting at the computer - 4

I told my neighbor that with 3 kids and 4 dogs, if she sees me walking around the backyard aimlessly, all liquored up, she would know why. :) Really, it's not been horrible..... except for cleaning up the turds and smelling the farts. I could do without that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Entertainment by Rachel

Rachel is sitting on the couch right now having a conversation with someone imaginary on the other end of her pretend phone.
She just said, "You. Are. Kidding. Oh my....... goodness."
"Ruby, I'm so glad you're coming! Louise's birthday and Max's? Today? It's a dancing party? Ok. Bye."
Now she's talking to her pretend friends.... "Louise, I've GOT to talk to you. I need you to clean up my bedroom, ok?"
"... as I was saying... me and my dad and mommy and sister were there and we saw a BIG GIANT SNAKE!"
Now her attention is diverted to Blue's Clues. See why I am so entertained by her and laugh constantly? She is her own little movie!
"Now, what did you saw at the museum? OH! There's my dress from last week!"
"Ruby, Max is wearing my dress and I have to get all beautiful! See, he's wearing my dress! SEE!"
"Ah ha! There's my wedding dress"... as she's pretending to get something off a very tall shelf.

Gosh, I love listening to that girl!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emelia is here!

I don't have pictures of her yet, but baby Emmi has arrived! Our good friends, Josh and Angie, just had their first baby tonight. I was able to go by the hospital and take some much desired McDonalds and got to see the little sweetheart. I was able to help the new mommy out a bit with some nursing tips, which was awesome. I could so be a doula. That would be so much stinkin fun!!! Everyone is healthy, but obviously very tired. The same doctor that delivered Porter was the one to deliver Emmi. SOOO great! I love her.

Our other baby friend is a week old today - baby Lillian. I got to see her today for the first time and she's just gorgeous!!

Seeing these little ones didn't have an effect on me as far as wanting to have another baby. Nope. Mama is done!! I'll just live vicariously through other new mommies and help when I can, but I can send those little critters home with their mommies and I can come home to a house where the children sleep through the night, thank you Jesus!!!