Saturday, August 16, 2008

Emelia is here!

I don't have pictures of her yet, but baby Emmi has arrived! Our good friends, Josh and Angie, just had their first baby tonight. I was able to go by the hospital and take some much desired McDonalds and got to see the little sweetheart. I was able to help the new mommy out a bit with some nursing tips, which was awesome. I could so be a doula. That would be so much stinkin fun!!! Everyone is healthy, but obviously very tired. The same doctor that delivered Porter was the one to deliver Emmi. SOOO great! I love her.

Our other baby friend is a week old today - baby Lillian. I got to see her today for the first time and she's just gorgeous!!

Seeing these little ones didn't have an effect on me as far as wanting to have another baby. Nope. Mama is done!! I'll just live vicariously through other new mommies and help when I can, but I can send those little critters home with their mommies and I can come home to a house where the children sleep through the night, thank you Jesus!!!

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