Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Entertainment by Rachel

Rachel is sitting on the couch right now having a conversation with someone imaginary on the other end of her pretend phone.
She just said, "You. Are. Kidding. Oh my....... goodness."
"Ruby, I'm so glad you're coming! Louise's birthday and Max's? Today? It's a dancing party? Ok. Bye."
Now she's talking to her pretend friends.... "Louise, I've GOT to talk to you. I need you to clean up my bedroom, ok?"
"... as I was saying... me and my dad and mommy and sister were there and we saw a BIG GIANT SNAKE!"
Now her attention is diverted to Blue's Clues. See why I am so entertained by her and laugh constantly? She is her own little movie!
"Now, what did you saw at the museum? OH! There's my dress from last week!"
"Ruby, Max is wearing my dress and I have to get all beautiful! See, he's wearing my dress! SEE!"
"Ah ha! There's my wedding dress"... as she's pretending to get something off a very tall shelf.

Gosh, I love listening to that girl!!!

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