Monday, June 22, 2009

Mini Update - Bullet Point Style

*Tanner is on her way to Beach Camp in Florida. She didn't fare well when they were leaving, but once they were on the road, I think she was fine. I'm so anxious to see what this week brings. If only my Twitter people would update more! :) And all I have to say is thank the Good Lord for unlimited texting!

*Rachel had her first T-ball game on Saturday and did really well. Daddy's coaching is paying off. She was SUPER cute and loved being out there! I've got tons of pics and will try posting some of those tonight or tomorrow.

*We had a good Father's Day here at the Langham house. Mike got a new charcoal grill and is anxious for the weekend.... because apparently, that's when you use charcoal grills. Whatever will he choose to cook first for me?! Mmmmm!!!

*Mike and I are starting a 40 day challenge at the gym. There are prizes we can get if we go 40 times to the gym from today until August 22nd. Wonder what my body would look like if I actually stick to that? We shall see. Zumba tonight and I might get REAL crazy and go to Body Pump in the early am. HA! Yeah - don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bears - A Tutorial. By Rachel.

Out of nowhere, Rachel started telling me what you have to do if you meet a bear in the woods. Here's how her story went:

Rachel - "Ok, Mommy, you have to remember - bears are very simple. First thing, do not play the clarinet. Do not wear big red shoes. Do not wear a pink skirt. And never, ever wear a sombrero. And the last thing is, don't wave your flashlight back and forth really fast. That's really true. It was on Sponge Bob. And then draw a circle around yourself cause the perimeter makes the sea bear go away because they stay away from circles. Don't draw an oval or a diamond or anything like that. Only a circle. And that will get into it's conscious - that's what's inside the bear's heart."

Me - "Hmmm. I never knew that. Let me write that down so I don't forget it."

And then I came to the computer to publish that little jewel for all the world to see and for me to embarrass my daughter with in a few years. :) So I wrote down all that I remembered and then had her tell me again, just to be sure. Gosh, I love that child's imagination.