Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bears - A Tutorial. By Rachel.

Out of nowhere, Rachel started telling me what you have to do if you meet a bear in the woods. Here's how her story went:

Rachel - "Ok, Mommy, you have to remember - bears are very simple. First thing, do not play the clarinet. Do not wear big red shoes. Do not wear a pink skirt. And never, ever wear a sombrero. And the last thing is, don't wave your flashlight back and forth really fast. That's really true. It was on Sponge Bob. And then draw a circle around yourself cause the perimeter makes the sea bear go away because they stay away from circles. Don't draw an oval or a diamond or anything like that. Only a circle. And that will get into it's conscious - that's what's inside the bear's heart."

Me - "Hmmm. I never knew that. Let me write that down so I don't forget it."

And then I came to the computer to publish that little jewel for all the world to see and for me to embarrass my daughter with in a few years. :) So I wrote down all that I remembered and then had her tell me again, just to be sure. Gosh, I love that child's imagination.

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