Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here are a few pictures from our hike to Devil's Den today...

Porter rode in his little backpack behind Daddy and did a GREAT job!

Rachel climed up on this rock and when she turned around and saw my camera, this is what she did. You think that kid's had her picture taken a time or two?

And let me just say that this 12 year old little diva thought she was all that and then some getting to walk ahead of the rest of us. She attempted to go in a couple caves, but didn't make it very far partly because of fear of the dark and unknown and then also because of the mud. And this was the only picture I could get of her that wasn't from the backside. She was not about to stay put for too long or, God forbid, walk with the rest of us. Oh, no, dear friends. It's all about being 12 and being "mature" enough to walk ahead of the pack to "check things out".

And then before too long, Daddy says, "I've got a head down here - a head down..." The little man had seen his last tree for the afternoon.

Also we had a garage sale here this morning. In total, we did really well. It was a nice time visiting with girlfriends while getting rid of a TON of junk. Although you know what they say about one man's trash being another's treasure. That sure was the case today. You see ALL kinds of people at garage sales. For as much as I enjoy people watching, it was total pleasure for me to see and visit with all the various people that came by to take a gander at our offerings.

So with the garage sale and getting up early for that and then leaving shortly after all the leftovers were packed up and donated to the Salvation Army to go hiking a Devil's Den for a couple hours, Mommy is one tired lady right now. I'm watching "13 Going On 30" on TV and am about to hit the bathtub for a little relaxation. Tomorrow will definitely be the day of rest for this chick!

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's All Good

Had a blast at Worlds of Fun this last Saturday. Dancing with the Stars and Idol have HUGE finales this week and there wasn't any lag time between the Bachelor and the Bachelorette!! Life is good people!!

For incredibly fabulous/witty recaps from the Bachelorette, check out Lincee's blog at She's AWESOME!!!!! But don't read it with a drink nearby. There is a danger of it getting spewed!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Blessings

We've had a great Mother's Day weekend around the Langham house. Yesterday, my mom and Mike's mom came over and got to spend the weekend with us. I got to go out shopping, sans children, with my mom yesterday afternoon which was such a treat! We just went to a couple stores, but it was nice to look around without having to watch which rack my kids were crawling under!

We decided to go ahead and give the grandmas their gifts yesterday because we just couldn't wait any longer...
They loved their plates. Tanner and Rachel decorated these and had a great time doing it. Tanner is with her mom this weekend enjoying Mother's Day as well. We hope you guys have had a super day!!!

The grandmas also got recruited to make brownies. They were delicious!! And notice Porter was in on the action, too. :)

This morning, Mike got up and made breakfast for us all (with just a bit of help from Rachel). We had banana pancakes and bacon. Delicious, Babe!! Great job! Then we went to church for Porter's dedication. We have Baby Dedication twice a year at our church, Thanksgiving weekend and Mother's Day. It's always a special time. I've gotten to dedicate both my babies on Mother's Day and it's been such a wonderful blessing.

And for my gift, Mike allowed me to hire someone to come clean my house last Thursday and then he and Rachel detailed my car today. I'm the type of person that if someone cleans for me, that means as much or more than getting an tangible present. It was the most wonderful feeling to walk into my house on Thursday and just smell the clean and look at my house and know that someone had come in to clean all the things that take me forever to do with a 4 year old and a 7 month old running around all the time. Knowing that I didn't have to clean anything to get ready for my guests this weekend was more of a blessing than I can even begin to express! I was elated!!

I've had the privilege to spend time with my moms (mine and Mike's) this weekend, had a girls movie night last night with them, see my baby boy be dedicated to the Lord this morning, and now, I'm sitting here this afternoon, just being lazy, enjoying my children and my husband. I'm blessed beyond measure and thank God every minute for the joy of being a mom.