Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"Let's Talk About You.... What Do You Think About Me?" - Bette Midler in Beaches

10 Years Ago
Humph. I was seriously in like with “the bad boy” and “As I Lay Me Down” by Sophie B. Hawkins was one of my favorites. I was in my first semester of college and life was good.

5 Years Ago
I had finally decided that I was truly in love with the man that would be my husband. This came after months of wishy-washy. Wow. Can’t believe that’s been 5 years ago already! Time flies… and life was really good

1 Year Ago
I was nursing an 8 month old baby and really enjoying my favorite season of all and excited she would get to experience fall for the first time EVER! Life was really, really good!

I spent the morning working a bit and playing with my kiddies. They entertain me! I spent the afternoon visiting with a 70 year old lady who was funny, quick as a whip, and precious. She’d been a Mary Kay consultant several years ago and decided she’s like to do it again to give her something to do. I’ll now have the opportunity to visit more with her. I’m excited about that!

5 Snacks I Enjoy
Reeces (pieces or cups – I’m not picky)
Cream Puffs – not a snack, I know, but it’s MY list!
Pizza Dip – thanks to Michelle

5 Songs I Know All the Words To
Jesus Loves Me – could it be because I’ve sang it 3,427,985 times since Rachel was born? Just a thought.
All the Wiggles songs
“The Prayer” – Josh Groban
“The Way You Look Tonight” – Sinatra – Hubby and I have claimed this as “Our” song
“What A Wonderful World” – Louis Armstrong – one of my all time favorite songs EVER!

5 Things I’d Do with 100 Million Dollars
Pay off ALL my debt
Put back enough for the kids college
Buy something fun like a new, BIG house!

5 Places I’d Run Away To
Hawaii with Mike
Disney World with Mike
Italy with Mike
Ireland with Mike
A spa with girlfriends

5 Things I’d Never Wear
Any shirts that make me look fatter
Any pants that make me look fatter
Any skirts that make me look fatter
Any shoes that make me look fatter
Any accessories that make me look fatter

5 Favorite TV Shows
Monday – Medium
Tuesday – Amazing Race/American Idol
Wednesday – Lost/American Idol
Thursday – Everything on CBS
Sunday – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition/Desperate Housewives

5 Biggest Joys
Mike, Rachel, & Tanner
My family & friends
My church
Knowing that I helped someone
Listening to my favorite music while drinking a cup of coffee – aaahhhhh………

5 Favorite Toys
My computer – obviously
My digital camera
My make-up – I’d be unemployed without it!
My new knives – they make me want to cook more
Mike :) hehehehehe

5 Fine Folks Who Can Now Consider Themselves Tagged
AfricaBleu, GreenEyedView, MommyMaki, Kristi, and everyone else that wants to participate.

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sarah j. said...

I consider myself tagged.....however, it might be a bit before I can follow through.....I've not had time to blog. And you will understand why. Two Words: Blessing Baskets..... :)