Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hits From Around The World

I just recently put a site counter on my blog and I think it is SO interesting to see all the different places that people are from that view my blog! I thought I'd post a list of all the locations of my blog viewers just to see. I know who some of these people are, but not all, so if you're a regular viewer, please comment and let me know from whence you come.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Aukland, New Zealand
Padstow, New South Wales, Australia
Sheffield, UK
San Jose, California
Vernal, Utah
Meriden, Connecticut
Canton, Michigan
Franklin, Ohio
Harwood Heights, Illinois
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Houston, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Garland, Texas
Peel, Arkansas
Siloam Springs, AR
Fayetteville, AR
Johnson, AR
Springdale, AR

Wherever you are from, I thank you for stopping in. I hope you have a great day!!


AfricaBleu said...

I know my server is in Siloam, but I am really just over the border in Oklahoma...

Just so you have one more place to list :)

Hey, do you (and I know that FBC is HUGE with a bazillion people) but do you, by any chance, know a Lisa whose husband is named Russ, Russ being a youth pastor for the, er, Rogers church?

Just wondering... 'cause she's my cousin...

And ooh, you know Allen - the guy with the shiney pate who has such an amazing voice and sings for FBC? - he sang at my wedding (at Temple Baptist, over round your town). He and his wife are good friends of my parents - named one of their kids after my dad, in fact.

What's the point? No point - just making connections...

Carbon said...
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Carbon said...

Ok i checked you map again & it's not acting wonky this time? weird. anyways if still wanna change it send me an email :)

Jill said...

Bleu - I'm not sure about Lisa, but Allen is one cool dude!! I actually went to Africa with his daughter, Lindy, who eventually married one of the African boys we met while we were there! If you don't know the story, I'll fill you in sometime. It's AWESOME! Anyway, Allen is one of my buds! Very cool that he sang at your wedding!! And Temple Baptist is right around the corner from me, actually! I pass it ALL the time! How small of a world is this? :)

Maki - I'm emailing you very soon! Definitely need help on the map thing. I like the way you have it set up but once I got on there last night, I got lost and couldn't figure out how to do it. Thanks for the help!!

Superchikk said...

I know Allen and Lisa and Russ. Hmm. Got you beat, Jill! :)

sarah j. said...

Oo! Oo! I know them all too! I LOVE that Allen Family. Lindy is a friend of mine; we used to sing together before she up and moved to England to marry Ian [who, by the way, has a really fun accent]

AfricaBleu said...

Lindy was just a young 'un, when I knew her... wasn't she (I'm in my mid-30's ARRGH!)

Funny that you all know those people - do I sense a NWA blog-reunion in the works?

And I would love to hear the story, Jill - I haven't seen Allan's family in so long - though my parents saw them this summer. I used to tell Allen that his wife was the original Martha Stewart, and he said, "Pooh. She's MUCH more talented than Martha..."

Gotta love him!

And where in Africa did you go? 'Cause I'm from Kenya, you know...