Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blast From The Past

Last night was our 80's party. My husband wore a mullet wig with pork chops. Not only did he wear this at the party, but as we were driving there, he had the windows rolled down and his head practically hanging out the window for everyone to see! Needless to say, we got more than a few stares as we traveled.....

We laughed at everyone's costumes as they arrived because we were so mortified that we actually used to WEAR stuff like that! I don't know that my hair had actually ever been quite so tall, but it was fun getting it there and a little scary that the hairstyling techniques of nearly 20 years ago came rushing back to me with little effort. Sadly, the earrings are some I've kept over the years. I did purchase stirrup pants because I didn't own any of those and no jeans I have are tight enough around the ankle to peg roll. I did get dubbed Molly Ringwald. I won't complain. She was a very cool chick in the 80's!


AfricaBleu said...

That is FUNNY - you guys look great!

I had an 80's party last year, and the saddest thing about it was, I really felt CUTE in my 80's outfit - it felt so, well, NORMAL!

And my friend borrowed a long shirt I had kept from the 80's to wear to the party - she wore it over leggins, and her hair was a tall wall, like yours.

Alas, when did we become "retro?"


Carbon said...

You two are quite the site! Your husband's hair is really, really funny. I too would have my head out the window if I was wearing it :)

I like the makeup too! he he he. Gladd you had fun. (I can see the Molly Ringwald thing)

Superchikk said...


I did own stirrup pants, but thankfully, not anymore.

Jill said...

Bleu - I was feeling pretty cute myself. Sadly, I never did really look THAT cute during the actual 80's. :)

Maki - The funny thing is that looking at the picture now, it doesn't look 100% horrible! I NEVER wear that much color, though. I think all the makeup in combination with the hair sent me over the top. It was really fun, though.

Superchikk - I did have to purchase my stirrup pants, but amazingly enough, everything else was in my possession..... sick, huh? :)