Monday, January 23, 2006

Caught in the Act

Today at lunch, this was the conversation:

Katie stands over by Rachel's chair with a handful of Wheat Thins, "Jill, can I eat these crackers?"

"Are they your crackers or are they Rachel's?" I said.

"They're Katie's", she said.

"Ok, if they're yours, you can eat them."

Immediately after getting the answer to the previous question, "Jill, can I go turn the TV back on to Dora so Rachel can watch it?" (yeah, right, so Rachel can watch..... uh huh)

"Yes, you can go turn on the TV."

As she hands me the crackers on her way to the TV, "Here, Jill. These are Rachel's."

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Superchikk said...


Kids are too smart sometimes. She definitely felt they were hers because she was, indeed, in possession of them at the time.