Thursday, January 05, 2006

So yeah, um about the resolutions....

Here it is January 5th (happy belated birthday to my stepbrother, Jamin!!) and I'm not doing so hot on the resolutions. Acutally, the health part is a smidge better and I feel good about my increase in water drinkage and my salad consumption, but as of yet I have not exercised at all. My pilates DVD is staring me in the face and I hear it calling when my alarm goes off at 6am, but I just tune it out. I know, I'm horrible. Oh and the work thing. I've been working on tax issues for the past couple of days and I'm determined that I'm going to be more organized in the coming year. In fact, I have so much JUNK on my desk right now that it's driving me crazy! So, it's off to organizing I go.

I have been watching some of the Dancing with the Stars show that's on and it looks like so much fun! I wish I could do that sort of stuff. THAT would be the kind of exercise I would actually enjoy!


AfricaBleu said...

I'm sure the Jones Center has ballroom dancing classes - you may have to dance with your husband and not some exotic, er... UNSTRAIGHT fellow, but it would be dancing, right?

Good luck on those resolutions.

Superchikk said...

I watched that show...for about 2.3 minutes. I couldn't take it. I'm sure I would enjoy doing that myself, I just have no interest in watching D-list stars do it on TV.