Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hello out there?

After being lax on reading everyone's blogs for most of last week, as I'm catching up this week I apparently missed the whole de-lurking thing. I'm getting in on it now, though. For all of you who check out my blog and read it on occassion, please send a comment my way and let me know where you are from and how you found my site. I see so many interesting places on my little tracker thingamagig and wonder who you all are. So just say a quick howdy and I'd be so thrilled!

Gotta go pee now. This dang water drinking thing is for the birds!!!

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Andie D. said...

Hi Jill,

Sorry you missed delurking week; it was pretty fun! One of my resolutions is to stop lurking. So here I am!

I'm watching what I eat too (too much fun over the holidays). Doing the South Beach thing again. I really like it because it makes you eat healthy food. You can eat carbs after the first two weeks, just healthy ones. It gets easier as you go along, but man I miss chocolate. And beer.