Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bachelor Vents

I will admit it to all of you out there who may not know me well - I love reality TV and my favorite right now is the Bachelor. So, in honor of my current addiction, I have to vent a little about this retardo's choices.

Jehan - Ok. She's cute. I don't think she's 'the one', though.

Moana - Give.Me.A.Freakin'.Break. Can't stand her. What the heck is Tardo thinking on this one? I do NOT know!!

Sarah from Canada - She's cute. I'll give you that. But if I have to listen to that stinkin' WHINEY voice for one more espisode, I swear I just might scream!!!! Seriously, I can't even begin to describe how much her voice annoys me!

Sarah from TN - one of my favorites from the start, although I'm scared there might not be that romantic connection between them. How convenient, though, that they both live in Nashville?! I'm just sayin'.

Tara - OMG! What is this girl still doing there?! I REALLY don't get her. She is super insecure to have to go searching out Tardo every.stinkin.time he's with another girl! I mean, come ON! Give them man some space there, Clingy!

Susan - I think she's the one I would pick out of the remainders for Tardo to choose. She's just got that classy look about her. Although the other night when they were discussing their "turn-ons" she let some whoppers slip from her mouth and she's apparently fond of the "f-word", which, IMO, isn't so classy. Still, I think she might be right up there on his choice list.

Cole - I'm really quite disappointed that this one is gone. She was cute, sweet, sincere - and then Tardo lets her go and keeps ones like Tara and Moana?! What am I not seeing here?

Oh and Jennifer last night with the bugs?!?! Give me a BREAK! Send that scardy cat packin'!

It sometimes makes me wonder if these dudes wish, after getting to know the girls they've kept, if they wish they could bring back some of the earlier cuts. Now, see, that would make for an interesting show!

And I cannot write about this show without making mention of psycho, egg-rotting, reproduction needing Allie G. Even as I think about her, I just shake my head. There are just some people that need not be on a show like this and, yes folks, this one would be one of them. Although I must say, she has definitely given people something to talk about! Poor girl. I usually don't care much about watching the "Women Tell All" episode, but let me just say, I am counting down the weeks until this one! I cannot WAIT to see what all goes on with her, if she even shows up! Wow.

And now, only 6 days left until the next Rose Ceremony. Who will it be? For the past few seasons I've watched (save the one with the O'Donnell dude on it, cause I didn't watch), I've been able to predict with almost 100% accuracy who the Bachelors will chose. I don't always get my picks in early. Sometimes it's down to the wire. But I'm good. I'm really good. So, stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. Before the last episode, I will predict the girl that will receive the final rose...... will I be right? You'll have to wait and see.


SlushTurtle said...

I like Susan as well, and I totally agree about whiney Canadian Sarah. She is cute, but just listening to her makes me want to scratch my eyes out...

Carbon said...

I'm sooo sad that they pick the most idiotic canadians for these shows. The last bachelor had 2 canadians from my actual city and I watched with my mouth open not believing how stupid they are! They do not represent us canadians at all!!!

Oh I can't wait for Allie G on the "bachelorettes tell all". But, ya know, she had a point. This show is to find your life mate, supposedly. She was just too logical about it when she spoke. Duh...

Superchikk said...

I have a hard time with this show, but Husband has been watching it. Yeah, you heard me. It's totally out of character for him, but I think he secretly likes it. Shhh!