Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Updates

In lieu of lots of story time from the past weekend, I'll just post some pics in hope you get a glimpse into my world.

One of the first bouts of gift opening frenzy at our casa. Rachel loves the hat! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa! Doesn't Daddy look spectacular in the Santa hat?! I sure think so.

Rachel decided it was WAY more fun to open the presents than to actually see what they were or play with them. She got really excited when we would say "you wanna open some presents?!" because she just loved tearing the paper and throwing the tissue paper around.

My step sister gave Rachel a Dora backpack and I said "You can take that with you to school" - which is what we call it when she goes to Kids Day Out at church one day a week......

.....she thought I meant we were going to school right then. :) Too cute!

Christmas morning started early this year. Rules were Big Sister was NOT allowed to go into the living room without coming to get us first. If she did, there would be serious consequences. Well, she was up at 3:30AM - yes, I said 3:30AM - and came into our room and said, "I went in to check and see if Santa ate his cookies and HE DID!!" Mike and I both I think just had the air deflated out of us at that moment. I heard him whisper to her that he was VERY disappointed in her and that she should not have done that. "Did you see what he brought you?" he asked. No, she apparently said she just saw a big box and that he'd eaten his cookies. Yeah, right. Whatever. She felt really bad later that morning when we had the discussion about how kids got their presents from Santa and the gifts that parents get are to see the reactions their children have when they discover what Santa has left for them. Bless her heart, she's so honest and I really don't think that will be a problem in years to come. I think she kinda understood that by her sneaking in early, it took some of the blessing away from Daddy and me. That hurt her more than any punishment we could have given her. But we had fun with Santa's presents anyway.

Each year I usually get that one gift that makes me cry. Until yesterday, I thought I had this year licked! I hadn't cried over a gift once! Well, that all went down the toilet when our dear friends came over and I opened this....

.....yeah. Exactly. I had no idea she'd taken this picture and yes, I cried. It's a precious purse that I will carry with me proudly! Thanks, Michelle!! What a special gift!!

And this is our family at church Sunday morning. It was a real blessing to be in church celebrating the real reason for this season. We had such a blessed Christmas holiday this year and it will be one that will be remembered for many years to come. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends. Now it's on to 2006 and lots of new memories to be made. Make the best of every day because each day is a gift. We're not promised tomorrow, so enjoy all your blessings to the fullest and from our house to yours, Happy New Year!!


Warm Hearts said...

Those pictures are precious. You are truly blessed.

Superchikk said...

Glad you guys had so much fun! And that purse is adorable!

Queen of Spain said...

Fun Fun FUn!