Friday, December 23, 2005

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Today, we're heading over to my mom's to spend the night and then will head over to Dad's in the morning for breakfast and presents and then back to mom's for lunch and more presents. It will be a fun time with Mamaw & Poppy and Grandma & Grandpa. We'll also get to see my step siblings who I never get to visit with, so that will be nice. Of course, I'm anxious to show off my little charmer and let her do all her tricks for everyone!

You know, when I was a kid, I wanted to show off anything I could do and say "look at me!" and now I'm totally showing off my kid like a little trained monkey and saying "look what Rachel can do!!". This is much more fun now, though.

Saturday, we'll head back home to prepare for Santa's arrival and church on Sunday. We still don't have a particular plan on how we're gonna work in breakfast, presents, church, lunch, etc, but we'll figure it out and it'll be great! I'm so excited to see my kids' reactions to all their presents! I swear, if I didn't get a darn thing this year, that would be totally ok as long as I get to watch the girls open their gifts and get excited about what they have. I have had an absolute blast shopping for them and could REALLY go overboard on spending where they are concerned. I wish I could give them everything, but alas, we're not the Trumps.

One last sad note, I'll turn 30 next week. I have mixed emotions about this birthday. On one hand, it's pretty cool and I think maybe I'll finally think I've arrived at adulthood. On the other hand, I'm not this old! REALLY!! I mean thirty?!?!?!?! I just remember that show thirtysomething and remember thinking those people were so "old" and that I would never get to that age and now, here I am. Gosh.

OH! I found out last night that my husband has some hidden obsessive compulsive tendancies that I really didn't know about. Very interesting. I'll write more on that after Christmas, as I'm sure I will have discovered even more by then.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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AfricaBleu said...

The only thing sadder than turning thirty is... NOT turning thirty (ie, DYING). So, there's THAT.

Have a great Christmas.