Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hot Tamales

I'm sitting here at my desk eating Hot Tamales. There has never been a better candy in my opinion - or a worse candy if it's based on how addictive they are. I'm not normally a candy type girl. I like candybars and anything chocolate like that, but not so much just the hard candy/jolly rancher/gummy bear candy. However, Hot Tamales are the best! I've already eaten nearly the whole package. I have my reasons, today, though:

I'm bummed about the whole Katrina thing. There are people that have come to the Red Cross shelter in my town from New Orleans. That's hitting a little too close to home, Ladies and Gentlemen! I have a friend who had to leave his house and head across to the neighbor state because of the promise of disaster around his home. It was sad enough when all the mess around 9-11 happened, but I didn't know anyone directly affected by that. I felt for everyone involved and sympothized for them, but it just didn't effect me like this disaster has. This has just made me sad.

Also, I've been run ragged, I feel, over the past few days with my munchkins running around and my responsibility of taking care of my new 8 week old boxer puppy, Copper. (Pictured with Zoe). It's enough watching 3 children under 3 years of age during the day and trying, most of the time in vain, to keep my house from looking like a total disaster, but to add a potty training puppy to the mix and it makes for some tiring days. Plus, the little guy I babysit spent the weekend with Grandma 'Cat Owner' and we think the little dude is allergic to cats. He's been a complete fuss-bucket this week and I am now suffering from a very large headache, mostly due I believe to the constant whining.

Add all that on top of regular life and there you have me. I really need a day of vacation. Not one where I spend it running around and going and doing. I need a day to get a massage. I need to just relax. I need to not think or worry about any of my responsibilities. I need........peace.

Ok, all the Hot Tamales are gone now. Should I feel better? Or worse that I've sat here and ate and entire bag of candy? (it was only a 4 oz bag, but still...)


AfricaBleu said...

4 ozs doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, girl! Go getcha the MOVIE size bag and strap it on under your chin. You will be blissfully cool to the world in mere seconds.

Then, of course you will have the sugar crash - but fiddle-dee-dee - think about that "tomorrow."

sarah j. said...

ok, copper is SOOO adorable!!! :)

Jill said...

Yes, I must get more tamales!! My sugar-tooth is saying "More! More! Give me MORE!" and then my hips are screaming in protest...... whichever shall I listen to?

Copper IS cute except for when she craps on the living room floor. That sort of hinders her cuteness. :)