Friday, August 26, 2005

As The dogWorld Turns

We've just rid ourselves of our beagle and now we're looking at other dogs. Madness, you think. Why, yes it is. The insane thing is that now some people in my family have changed their wantings from a boxer, which I could do, to a....... GREAT DANE!!! Jiminy Christmas, ya'll! Those things are bigger than me! Seriously!!! We called on some last night and let me just say that the daddy of the pups we'll see tomorrow weighs 175LBS!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!! I'm not real sure I could deal with a dog that big! I mean, that's just HUGE!! It's like the second biggest dog ever! Actually, it may be the tallest dog. I don't know..... I would like another dog. Zoe seems lonely this week without her friend and I'm kinda used to having 2 dogs around, but I just don't know if I could handle one as big as a dane. I think I might could do a Mastiff. Those are the ancestors of great danes, but not quite as tall. They are still well over 100 lbs in average weight, but they're shorter than the danes. I'm all for the big dogs, mind you. I do NOT want a little squirly looking dog like the uglier than ugly Chinese Crested. These little dudes are UGLY! I'm sorry, but it's the truth! Any advice?

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