Monday, August 08, 2005

AAAHHHH The Agony!!!

Yesterday, my dear husband left for a few days of Kids Camp so my precious friends invited me over to their house for a sympathy dinner so I wouldn't be alone. Little did I know, it was all a scheme to kill me - or for me to kill myself! You see, I cannot get away from friends who own homes on a ridiculous incline and these are no exception. This home is built on a hill overlooking the lake. Beautiful, you think. Yes, it is. However, the trek from their home down the hill to the water is retarded!! Stupid me decided I was going to be cool and stylish by wearing some flip flops instead of tennis shoes. Mistake #1. Then I decided that since every adult there besides me was covered in dirt from laying sod that I would carry my child down the hill myself (there's no way she could have walked herself). Mistake #2. As we were 'walking' down the hill, I averted a couple of disastrous falls by clinging to inch thick 'trees' for dear life. Needless to say, I was cursing my choice of shoes at this point. We finally reached the water and as I stayed on shore, the others went in for a little dip and all was well. It was hotter than Hades, but fun. Then.......dear God, it was time to CLIMB that mountain back up to the house. I came to my senses this time and let someone else carry Rachel so I didn't have her to contend with. And traveling down hill in flip flops was one thing; trying to climb UP the mountain in said shoes is another thing entirely. Now, you have to get this picture - I HATE exercise!! I mean, hate is really not a strong enough word. Loath might come close, but still, doesn't do my feeling justice. So, here you have me - totally out of shape and climbing a 60 degree mountainous incline. Thankfully, the people traveling behind me were taking their time as well and someone 'lost their shoe' so they had to take time to put it back on. I patiently waited for them as any good, totally out of breath friend would do. Then, my exercise freak friend who runs a few miles every day was walking up the hill like it was nothing and I thought, "I can't let her show me up that badly"...... you guessed it - mistake #3. By the time I reached the top of the hill, I really thought about sitting down and crying. I caught my breath finally and we went into the blessed air conditioning. But the agony wasn't over yet. These dear friends have 3 stories to their home. The kitchen is on the main floor, the TV where Dora was playing and where my daughter wanted to be was on the bottom, and the bathtub where the girls had to get cleaned up was on the top floor. Dear Jesus, when will it end?! So, after a lovely dinner and some visiting, Rachel and I headed home. I entered a very deep sleep and was really ticked when my alarm went off this morning - but the ticked feeling was replaced with agony as soon as I stood from my bed......... HOLY CRAP!!!! There are places that are sore today that really shouldn't ever be exposed to exercise, I believe. I can only imagine that this will get worse as the day goes on and heaven help me on what tomorrow will feel like. Bottom line and lesson learned - I will NEVER wear flip flops to their house again, never carry my child down the hill again, and their Christmas gift this year is a lift that will carry innocent, non-exercisers down to the lake and back.

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