Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sadie Is Gone :(

My dear little beagle, Sadie, has been taken to another home. Our back yard has holes all in it from her ventures throughout the day and my husband was beginning to get miffed. We had some ugly trees in our back yard and decided to cut those down and when we did, they became Sadie's escape to the other side of the fence. It was a way she could get close enough to the top of the chain link fence at the back of our property so that she could CLIMB the rest of the way over the wood fence to the neighbor's yard. She liked to visit our neighbor and usually every day, about the same time, our neighbor would come ring our doorbell with Sadie in tow. Nice. Dumb dog. I really think it's because they have a pool and we don't. Either that or they have better treats for their dog. So we removed the tree from the yard and hence removed her escape path. Dumb though she may be, she was determined to find a way over to the 'cool house' and thus began her digging spree. My husband had enough at this point. An ad went into the classifieds at his work and as of yesterday afternoon, Sadie's new home is on a farm somewhere. We got an email this morning saying she did great last night and enjoyed her new surroundings. However, the farm family has cows and apparently she was unsure about these creatures and barked at one of them. WHAT?! Barked?! Are we sure they have the right dog? Maybe the farm is just what she needed to release her true self because that dog has never barked!!
Now I'm wondering if I ever really had an attachment to the dog. I'm not really sad she's gone.

I still have Zoe, who's my lovely lab/collie/shephard/mut dog. I really think she's just a cat clothed in a dog's body. She'd much rather lay around and cuddle than to do normal dog type things. I love that about her. The only thing is that when my daughter came over to the computer and saw the picture of Sadie, she said "Sadie?". That makes me kinda sad.

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