Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yep, it's settled. I'm a crier!!

... as if there was any question. I just finished reading yet another book by my now favorite author, Karen Kingsbury. This woman has a way of writing that makes the story she's telling come to life in my mind and grips me until I put it down..... and then sometimes way beyond my reading the last words. This, I can tell, will be one of those stories. It was an escape from reality for me. I got involved in the world of these characters and they became real to me, if only for a few days or hours. In the end, it's a tragedy. I was crying through every word of the last few chapters and even now, tears well up in my eyes as I remember these people and all they shared and lost. Years have past in a matter of just minutes this morning as I read the last pages. I'm sad now because I feel like I've lost a friend all over again.

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