Friday, August 19, 2005

Today I'm Thankful For....

Yesterday was a weird day. I listened to a tape that was given to me that had some readings of journal entries from one of my friends that passed away last year. It was over a span of about 3 years. It wasn't readings from every day, of course, but selected days over the years. It made me sad that my friend isn't with me anymore. But more than that, it made me realize even more what a beautiful person she was, not only on the outside, but in her heart. She listed the most simple things to be thankful for. Therefore today, I shall follow in her footsteps and list some things I'm thankful for:

* Today, I'm thankful for my daughter. I'm thankful that she pee peed on the potty the other day!
*I'm thankful that Mike called me from work this morning and cared what I had to say.
* I'm thankful for my friends.
* I'm thankful for email since I don't talk on the phone much.
* I'm thankful for the Wiggles and Barney that keep Rachel entertained while she learns cute little songs.
* I'm thankful that I can sleep in tomorrow morning.
* I'm thankful for Mary Kay and the sales I made yesterday.
* I'm thankful that it's sunny outside and I got some good coffee this morning.

Anyone else thankful today?

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