Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No Rest For The Weary

Yes, it's after midnight and I'm up writing on this dang blog. What is my problem?! I was laying in bed, staring in the darkness at what I'm assuming was the ceiling, letting 40 bigillion things run through my head......that's right, women can multi-task like that. So, instead of trying in vain to get to sleep, I decided to get a few of my thoughts out on 'paper' so that maybe, just maybe, I can go to sleep.

First, I had a Mary Kay meeting tonight (pep rallys/training for consultants and their guests) and those always give me ideas and fuel for the next week. So with that, I've got lots of ideas roaming around in my head and I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to advance to the next step in my carrer by the end of this month. The great thing about MK is that no one else determines my speed of advancement besides ME!! If I wanna drive a free car, I just have to get out there and get it. So, my dear, sweet hubby and I retire for the evening and proceed to have that final 'pillow talk' of the night before drifting into our unconscious bliss. I tell him "I need to get more team members...." and then go on to say exactly what the qualifications are to get to the level I want to be at by this time next year. He listens quietly then all the sudden says, "A girl broke her arm yesterday." HUH?! I'm talking about details in advancing in my career and he breaks in with "A girl broke her arm yesterday."????????????????????? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! He redeemed himself a moment later (after telling me a few details about Broken-Arm Girl and being sure to interject the 'correct' way to fall as not to break a limb) by saying, "Maybe you'll find someone from your party this week" and a few other comments pertaining to the conversation I THOUGHT we were having. And they say women have spaghetti thoughts.

Next, there is some shopping I've been wanting to do since Saturday and I was hoping to possibly have a chance to get out in the morning and do some perusing, but alas, my venture will be postponed yet again. Tomorrow, I will have yet another child in my care for the morning and the refrigerator repair man will be here supposedly between 11am-12pm (right as 'additional child' is set to leave). I'm really glad someone will be coming to fix the fridge because it's got some sort of massive leak into the refrigerator part that is soaking all my food! For the things in the containers it's not so bad. Things like the veggies in the bottom drawers or the berries in store containers......yeah, not so good. So, praise Jesus, this problem will be no longer after tomorrow. However, Mr. Repair Man and Additional Child have altered my plans of shopping yet again. I'm stressing that the sales I want to hit will pass me right by!

Finally, ending on a more positive note, when I came in tonight from my meeting, Rachel was 'running' over to the door to meet me and squeeling to the top of her lungs "Mommie! Mommie! Mommie!!" Now that is a precious sight and sound if ever there was one! She was ultra excited to see Mommie and that just melted me! Then, shortly after that, we were ready for night night time. I sat her on my lap and asked her if she was ready to go to bed. She said "Sleepy" and began rubbing her eyes. Let me remind you......17 months old!! Genius child. Anyway, to continue on in proving my fore-said point, I asked if she wanted to sing a song and she began with "B I B I B I" for that song, "The B I B L E. Yes that's the book for me.....". She loves that song and loves to shout "BIBLE!!" when we've finished singing. The last few days when I've asked her if she wants Mommie to sing to her, she's been saying "Jzszs Uvs Me".... translation "Jesus Loves Me". We began singing that song together and can I just tell you that my genius child sang EVERY WORD OF THAT SONG WITH ME!!! Of course, it was in broken baby English, but she was singing it all the same. Then I said "Tell Daddy I love you" and she began saying "I wuv oooo!" Oh my gosh! I wish sometimes that I could freeze time for just a few moments longer when things like that happen. Thank God for video cameras so that moments as precious as those can be relived for years to come.

Ok, I feel much better now and - as soon as I pee...... again - I should be able to fall asleep. Good night, blessed world.

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forest "grandpa" gump said...

Quite a differance from i be 2 in dec than now-enjoy it is worth it all-the memorys always remain