Monday, July 25, 2005

A Busy But Fullfilling Time

Man, have I ever been busy since my last post! Holy cow!! I went to my 11 year class reunion.... yes, I said 11 year.... a week ago Saturday. My high school buddies in charge of coordinating the reunion didn't get on the ball enough around our 10 year anniversary of graduation, so we postponed it until this year. Selfishly, I really was wishing that everyone would have gained more weight than me since graduation and for the most part, they had!! Isn't that terrible that I was thinking that? And even worse that I'm glad everyone was a little more pudgy? Anyway, it was a good time visiting with those who I hadn't seen in YEARS! The plan is to do a reunion again in another 4 years to get us back on the 10-15-20 reunions and so on. We shall see.

Last week, I was in Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar. There are 5 groups all together that each have their own seminar. I am in the Sapphire seminar and then there is the Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, and Emerald seminars. Each group gets together in Dallas at different times to have their annual meetings. I definitely got pumped up and ready to hit some new goals this year! The picture I've posted is one with my director (on the left), our National director Rena Tarbet, me, and April. We had an awards dinner that night and had a fantastic dinner with filet minon and then for dessert, some decedant chocolate feast! It was so wonderful and such a treat! The entertainment during the seminar was outstanding - I felt like I was at a Broadway production! And hearing so many women give such glory to the Lord so unashamedly was beyond anything I'd imagined. One lady put it so well "It gives me such joy to be affiliated with a company in which I've not ever been pulled into the HR office and reprimanded for sharing my faith". Now that is wonderful! It really helped me to see what a Christlike woman Mary Kay was and how blessed I am to be a part of a company that encourages everyone that is a part to put their priorities in order: God first, family second, career third..... and that is the essence of Mary Kay.


sarah j. said...

is April doing the MK thing now?

Jill said...

Yep! She finally gave in! We had so much stinkin fun!!!!!!