Friday, July 15, 2005

Big Shoes To Fill

I've got some things around my house that I'm gathering for a yard sale this weekend and a few pairs of shoes are in the mix. Rachel decided she wanted to try this particular pair on for size. A little big for her now, but maybe one day she'll grow into them.

It was such a sentimental moment watching her walk in my shoes. I totally remember the time when I used to do such things with anyone's shoes I could get my feet into. I always have thought shoes are cool. And now to see my daughter walking in grown up shoes really gave my heart a tug.

Then, yesterday, we were singing the little Barney tune "I love you. You love me" and she would sing every word with Mommie. When we said "and a great big hug and a kiss from me to you" she would give me a hug and a kiss! SOOO cute! Then we would sing, " and won't you say you love me too?" and without any prompting, she says "I yuv u!" Oh my gosh. Can I just say that I couldn't squeeze her tight enough after that! Talk about having your heart right there on your lap! Wow.

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