Sunday, July 10, 2005

Genius Child

This week, my dear child began counting all by herself. We have done the whole swinging thing where we'll swing her a little and count "One, Two..." and then on "THREE!!" we'll throw her up a little and catch her. So, by that, she's learned to count to three. The other night, I was counting to three while I was washing her hair..... "One, two...." was the preparation for the big splash and then by "three!" the water came out of our cup on onto Rachel's soapy head. She began counting to three with me and then all the sudden - I discovered my child is a genius!! She continued past three and went to 6!!!! Yes, that's right. My child, just 17 months old, counted to six ALL BY HERSELF!!! Of course, I was immediately on the phone with Mamaw having her listen to her blessed grandchild. Obviously, Mamaw thought that was the smartest thing she'd ever heard! If I ever figure out how to get audio clips on to this thing, I'll post something of Rachel actually saying her numbers. It's really a wonder to hear! :)


Geek4god said...

RED hair and a dramatic look!!!!!! Wonder where she gets that!! HAHAHHA

Cute kid!! (coming from a guy that is a high compliment)

Ellen said...

My daughter just learned to roll over by herself and my mother has called everyone she knows to tell them about her "genius" grandchild.