Thursday, September 29, 2005


I love Thursdays! I think they are my second favorite day (next to Saturday). Here's what I did today and why I loved it so much.

I got up a little after my usual time which felt like I got to sleep in. :)

Then, I went to take Rachel to Kids Day Out at church, which she loves, and that makes Mommy feel like not such a heel for enjoying my time alone.

I then came back home and met with a lady and gave her a brand new look for her day! She liked it, I thought it looked great, a fun time was had. I filled my travel coffee mug and set out to do a little shopping.

I went to Sam's and with no child, I was in and out of there in under 8 minutes!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Man, I love that.

I was off to meet one of my girlfriends at Target and we browsed around the whole store looking for clearance items! I LOVE that!! A side note to that is that I'm seriously the cheapest person I know and I barely ever by anything other than groceries that isn't on sale. Every once in a while I will, but not often.

After shopping at Target, my girlfriend and I went to eat lunch at Olive Garden. I love that place. We sat up at the bar because the wait was gonna be several minutes and with the time we spent in Target, time was of the essence in Olive Garden. The waiter at the bar knew my friend so well from her VERY frequent visits there that he didn't even so much as ask what she wanted to eat and even remembered that she liked extra dressing for the salad?! I mean, you hear of places like that in small towns, but my goodness! We live in a VERY populated area of Northwest Arkansas where you don't just know everybody, so that was really impressive! We had great conversation and then her husband, who I think is ultra cool, stopped by for a few minutes just to make sure she was ok after she hurt her back yesterday - he wanted to make sure she was ok to go get their daughters...... aaawwwww!!! Gosh, that man is sweet!! So we left Olive Garden and parted ways.

I went to the mall and shopped a little at the Disney Store and wished they had the beautiful Cinderella dress up costumes in adult sizes. After my trip to 'yeah right' land, I went to another couple of trendy shops and found that I won't be joining the Goucho trend - my butt is WAY too big for that.

I left the mall and headed across the way to my adopted mom's house for a minute and learned that one of my best friends who is getting married in a month has just been offered a honeymoon trip to either Hawaii, Paris, or Costa Rica!!! HOLY CRAP!!

After hearing that envious news, I went to get my baby girl. I LOOOOOOVE going to get her because she is so excited to see me and that just melts my heart!

We came home and I left shortly after that to get my hair cut - which I needed oh so badly.

Once my hair was cute again, we did a little more shopping and met Daddy for supper at Steak N' Shake - YUM!! The furniture store was right around the corner and of course, we had to stop by there because a few new pieces for our living room might be in our near future. Rachel decided to pitch a huge fit after being dragged away from the kids play area, so we knew then we had seen all the furniture we needed to see for the day.

Now we are home for the evening. The temperature is SO cool tonight and I think I need my long sleeve pj's for tonight. I'm planning on cracking my bedroom window and letting the cold breeze flow through and snuggling with Buff Daddy under the covers........ mmmmmmm......


Carbon said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I can't believe you were able to do sooo much in a span of the day! I'm jealous :)

Small Town Diva said...

golly that sounds like the most wonderful day. It is so cool here too, it seems like it just changed overnight. What a relief!!

Maybe the Disney store at least has a tiara for a grown up....?

I like reading about your life. Keep it up.

AfricaBleu said...

Ah, the blessing of a contented life...

What a nice post! You KNOW, I think there's a chapter of the "Sweet Potato Queens" around your area - they wear tiaras AND boas - and get to ride on a float!