Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chocolate Gravy

..... one of my all time favorite things for breakfast (next to Krispy Kreme's, of course). Last week when my grandma was here, she showed me her famous method of making Chocolate Gravy. I have had this lovely treat since birth. This is something my granny is famous for among our family. Many have tried and failed to duplicate Gran's recipe. See, Gran doesn't measure anything with the standard measuring devices. This creates a problem for those of us trying to copy her. So, during her visit, I asked her to supervise me and tell me exactly what to do as I made the chocolate (when you are familiar with this dish, all you need to say is "chocolate") and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!! And it was GOOD!! I tried again today to make some and I tell you, I think I've got it down! Of course, I have the little pot that my granny has made this stuff in for ever and ever. She gave it to me several months ago and as long as I have that particular pot and the spoon I used when she showed me, I feel confident I can continue to know how to make it. Take the pot and spoon away and, well, I'd just have to give up ever trying to make it again. I think if this pot and spoon hold up, it will be one of those things that I pass down to my grandchildren and say "you know, back when I was a young lady (yeah, y'all don't laugh there) my grandmother taught me how to make chocolate in this very pot...."


Small Town Diva said...

whoa, you need to share that chocolate recipe! I have NEVER had chocolate gravy, and from the sound of it, I don't think I have fully experienced life if I don't!

Good going.

Superchikk said...

I had never had Chocolate Gravy until I met Husband. I don't have his Mom's famous recipe, but I have two that are close. I made one of them for Christmas a couple of years ago, and she loved it - so I guess I passed the test.

And...it was while I was sworn off of dairy, so I made it with Vanilla Soy milk...sounds gross, I know, but I think it made it taste richer. They never knew the difference >:)

Jill said...

Ok, girls, here's the deal - you don't use milk!! Or any milk product. This is how I make it:

about 1/2 cup sugar
about 1+ TBSP flour
about 1 1/2 TBSP cocoa
enough water to get everything wet.
Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Once it reaches boiling, turn heat down to simmer. Cook for just a couple more minutes until chocolate thickens to desired thickness (which, in my opinion, is still rather runny). Pour into bowl and add lots of butter. Mix chocolate and butter then tear biscuits into little chunks and drop into chocolate to coat. Eat til your sick and then eat some more. Have a pot of coffee handy as well (or a glass of milk works well also).

AfricaBleu said...

Wow! I've never seen that recipe! My mom always used a homemade chocolate pie filling recipe for her chocolate gravy - but I'll have to try yours and compare! Or you could just invite me over for breakfast sometime... ha!

The big question is, do you fry your biscuits? Mmmmmm

Happy Thanksgiving!