Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm going to start with something positive. This is the one thing today that made me not want to crawl in a hole and not come out. This is our Kids Day Out "Miss Jilly Bean" time. I go into each of the classrooms and have some music time with all the kids. I have so much fun and today realized just how much this kids have learned just in the past couple weeks of me spending 15 minutes or so with them twice a week.

This is one of the smallest "people groups" I have. They are all just one year old and it only takes about 3 minutes, if that, to totally loose their attention. I get about 1 song in and it's time to move on to playing something else. There's one little girl sitting on the floor in this picture that just sits and stares at me the whole time I'm singing. She loves it and doesn't want to move. It's hilarious!

I think I was singing "God's Big 10" in this picture. It's a song that tells the 10 commandments. Ask me any of them. I can rattle those suckers off in no time. So can my kids at KDO! We rock!!

I've got no clue what I was singing here. I was apparently trying to do some sort of face contortion.

A big thank you to Annie for taking these pictures. They are precious and I love all those kids!

Now, to vent a minute. Where to even begin? This past week, I notice my van was on the fritz. Saturday, the gears were jumping. Mike thought he had it fixed Saturday night. He did not. Thought I could drive it through this week and take it to the shop next Monday. Nope. Not in the plans, says the demon of vehicle destruction. So, after being sicker than crap yesterday, my hubby leaves town first thing this morning for the fourth week of travel out of the last five. I think my van will make it this week and we'll try to get it to the shop next week when Mike is back home and I have an extra hand. No can do when I get in the car line to pick up Tanner and the thing starts jerking on me again, push the gas peddle and the thing just revs but doesn't go anywhere, and then the lovely check engine light pops on. I got on the phone right then with my mechanic and said, "yeah, you know how we were going to bring in the van NEXT Monday? Yeah, never mind that. I'll be there in 30." Then before that little jaunt was finished, my car stalled right in the middle of the street at an intersection. There were several, "Help me Jesus" prayers that went up in that 10 second span until my car caught into gear. Our dear friends, the Thompsons, have an extra vehicle which just happened to be at the shop I was taking my van to. So after having them follow/meet me at the shop, I was able to borrow one of their vehicles so at least I would have wheels for a few days. So I left the shop and headed to put my clothes in the consignment sale in F'ville. I was driving a little Toyota car and felt like I was absolutely sitting on the ground and thought my booty was going to drag the pavement at any moment. Boy, did I forget just how much higer up I sat in that van. Hallelujah that I have a vehicle to drive and by no means am I complaining, but that was a funny feeling. Anyway, I got to the consignment sale and realized I'd left a bag of stuff to go in the sale sitting on my kitchen table. UGH! Oh well. I then took Tanner back over to Shelly's (thank you for the stuff! It has been my saving grace tonight!!!). We got home about 6:30 and had a bit of dinner and Porter was in bed by 8pm since that child has only slept for about 45 minutes total today. Rachel was in bed by 9pm. All that was good and fine. Then I got to go to the bathroom, finally, and found out that I have a visitor this week. For the love of Pete. I just really want to find that hole to crawl in. Either that or a few hours of nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing. No children or husband, no phone or internet or TV, no other people - just NOTHING. If I don't get some alone time soon, and I mean, SOON, I may loose any sanity that I'm desperately hanging on to.


Shelly said...

You have had a rough day, bless your heart! I'm thankful that in the end, things turned out "ok" in a since-as far as having a car to drive, being able to get it to the shop without it being in the shop, etc. Hopefully today will be better for you!

Totally understand too, your need for alone time-everyone needs that every now and then. Hopefully you can get that soon as well, although I don't know, I'm beginning to think life without sanity may not be such a bad idea!

Hang in there, girl!

Superchikk said...

I hope today was a better day!

Josh & Kate said...

Sorry about all your van trouble and everything else. I hate that for you. Hope things are getting better for you. By the way, you're the best "Miss Jilly Bean" ever. Not sure if Peyton really acts like he gets it while he's at KDO but at home he is constantly trying to count to 10 on his fingers while singing. Keep your head up.

Annie said...

You poor thing...what a day! I'm super proud of you for posting pictures, especially since they are mine! :-) I'll get some better ones this week...Keep that smile on, it makes so many others smile!

Sara said...

That sounds AWFUL. You need a rest!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :) I just wanted to tell you that Finley LOVES Miss Jilly Bean. He tells me about it every time. That was the first thing he told me about when I picked him up on the first day of KDO. I didn't know it was you. He was very excited that he got to have a jelly bean. :) How fun!!