Saturday, September 27, 2008

I had too much fun on yearbook yourself the other night. Then I got REALLY freaked out when I looked at my 1964 picture and saw MY MOTHER! Oh my word....

Here's me in 1960

Here's me in 1964, aka "my mother"! I swear she has a picture that looks just like this!

Here's me as if I'd graduated with my mom in 1968.

This is me, circa 1984 :)
This is me in 1990... and I DID have that hair do.

And this is the kicker... This one looks EXACTLY like me the year I graduated! I think my hair was shorter, but oh my granny. I should find one of my pictures just so you can compare.

Now, go have fun and :)


Josh & Kate said...

You've been tagged...check out my last post. ;)

Annie said...

oops, i tagged you too. :-)

The Slaughters said...

These are HILARIOUS!!!