Thursday, April 09, 2009

Alone Time

.... if I don't get some soon, I think I might scream at anything that walks near me! I usually am a pretty good people person and I enjoy being around people. But I think I've been around people (and by people I'm including my children) and I haven't given myself enough time just by myself. I love my children and even as I type this they are doing some really cute things, but sometimes I just need to have some time where I'm not thinking about anything and I'm not around anyone.

Porter is as cute as can be but oh. my. gosh!!! He's into EVERYTHING!!!! Before I sat down to type this, he found the box of Alphabits that I just put by the trashcan and took it to the living room and thought he'd see how much of a mess he could make on the living room carpet. I had to get the vacuum cleaner out and suck up all the crumbs. It wasn't even that it was crumbs so much as it was that powder that's in the bottom of the cereal bags. This morning, it was an empty milk jug and a banana peel that he pulled out of the trash and was taking through the kitchen. He also loves to get the pens out of the drawer at my desk, as well as all the lotions, hair products, band aids and medicines we have in the bathroom cabinets. And Lord help me if I leave a book or magazine within his reach. Rachel was NEVER in to stuff like Porter is. I feel like I would have to keep him caged most of the time to keep him out of things! It's enough to wear a woman OUT!

And Rachel.... apparently that child has a problem with not being obedient in her class when it comes to talking. They have a discipline system to where they have little clips they move to green when they have a warning, to yellow if they are told again, and to red when it's really bad. When I came to get her today, her clip was the lone clip on the RED!!! I still don't have the full story, but her teacher told me that it wasn't as bad as it looked and that she didn't realize her clip was already on yellow or she wouldn't have had to move it again. I don't know exactly what happened there, but apparently she wasn't "red clip" bad even though that's where her clip was. Last time she moved her clip to yellow, she got a spanking from Daddy when she got home. It doesn't look good for her today.

Can you get a feel for why I need a smidge of alone time?

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