Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Power Has Returned...

...and Rachel is NOT happy about it!!

The Thompsons have been staying with us the past 6 nights because of their lasting power outage. I've really enjoyed having them here (contrary to what Jeremy would tell you that I supposedly said...) and Rachel has really loved having a slumber party with Katie every night. It's been like a vacation for those girls. They've been best buddies since they were babies. So, although I KNOW Michelle is very glad to be back in her own home, my baby girl was absolutely weeping tonight when I put her to bed because she missed Katie so much. She was trying to say her prayers and when she asked God to bless Katie, she just broke into tears. I almost couldn't pray then because that choked me up.

I'm sure the Thompsons will be sleeping MUCH better tonight in their own beds, but Rachel sure does miss sharing her room with Katie.

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