Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I have been watching inauguration coverage pretty much since I got up this morning. Regardless of how you feel about the incoming or outgoing president, each inauguration is historic. It's something that will, without question, be in our history books and will be regarded and studied and remembered. This one is especially unique in that, obviously, we have our first African American president. That, in itself, is a subject for another time.

There have been many moments today that have choked me up. I'm not the biggest Obama fan. I didn't vote for him, but he is our president, so I'm at least praying for him and will support him as much as I can. However today, just because it was so "big" - a new is man taking over the most important office of leadership in the world, and a man who has served in that job for the last 8 years is leaving what has been not only his office, but his home. I can't imagine what the Bushes must been feeling. The sense of nostalgia, as well as possibly some relief that the time is finally at an end. And what are the Obamas feeling today? I'm sure there's a wide range of emotions. What must that be like to have your lives totally changed in a day? To now be known by every single person pretty much in the world. And Obama, who's likely been used to being called Barak, Obama, Senator, etc, is now almost exclusively going to be referred to as Mr. President. And Michelle. I mean, my gosh. To be the wife of the president? Overwhelming. But somehow, that woman strikes me as a lady that can handle that job and handle it well.

I haven't really said much to Rachel about my opinion of Obama. I told her as the election process was going on that we were in favor of John McCain and not Obama (though at first that really disturbed her becasue she really liked Obama - mostly because I think she liked saying his name). That's all I've said. I've watched the news and she's asked me nearly daily if Senetor Obama is going to be President Obama yet. Today, she asked and I told her that yes, he would be President Obama today. As we were watching the Inaugural Ball tonight and Barak and Michelle were dancing their first dance as President and First Lady, as Beyonce was singing "At Last" (which by the way is one of my favorite songs ever and she did an AWESOME job!), I was enjoying the moment, almost getting choked up yet again, espeically seeing Mary J. Blige with tears streaming down her face. But my sweet, innocent daughter, who was sitting in the chair with me, leaned over and whispered, "President Obama tells lies and steals money, right?" I thought I was going to fall out of my chair! WHAT?!?! I was convinced that her daddy had told her that at some point today. I asked her if Daddy said that to her tonight and she looked at me, very honestly, and said no. I asked Mike if he'd said anything to Rachel at all today about Obama and he swore he didn't. I told her to repeat to Daddy what she'd told me. Daddy heard it and immediately asked Rachel if she'd like some ice cream. In fact, how would she like 3 scoops of ice cream? And chocolate syrup? Sure, she could pour it on herself. Go ahead and get as much as you like, Daddy told her. She didn't realize she was getting ice cream for making a statement that her Daddy emphatically agreed with.... thank goodness.


Lauren said...

THAT is hilarious! I was all tears watching them dance! That would be the only reason I would EVER want to be a first lady... the dress and the ball!

Thompson Family said...

Katie will be so proud of Rachel. Sounds like we have two little Republicans on our hands who pick up on things that have come out of their fathers mouths.