Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mr. Sexiest Man Is Single Again!!!!

I just read that Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey have parted ways. Why does this make me happy? I never really thought these two were a good match anyway, so that's one reason. Another reason is it's just nice to know he's available. Not that in a million years it would mean anything to me personally, but still. If there ever was a celebrity that I drooled over, this man is the one. Lord have mercy. .....................yeah, I'm still sighing............... gosh.

Another note - do you ever dream about people from previous relationships? Last night I had a dream about a great friend of mine that was one of those male friendships that seemed like we should be together as a couple, but we could never get there at the same time, you know? He was my best friend for a while and we would spend hours on the phone and most of our free time together. He was one of those guys that my parents didn't have to worry about one bit. He was attractive to me, but in a friend sort of way. Anyway, I dreamed about him last night. We were in a store somewhere and we saw each other across the way. I've gotta tell ya, he looked like the biggest redneck white trash ever! He had a shaggy, long hair cut that just looked terrible. He had gained a bunch of weight and was somewhat waddling over to see me. It was totally not what I would ever expect in reality, but I thought it was just kinda funny. I remember thinking in my dream, "boy, did I ever marry the right guy!!" It's nice to have those thoughts in your dreams. Dreams are a place where anything can happen, but it's just nice that my subconscious agreed with my consciousness.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Jill! I see you slammed me on Krisit's blog :-P

You see, I just didnt have any comment regarding Matthew McConaughey. Who is he? HAHA

I will be dropping by your blog from time-to-time....AND making comments!

Hope you and the fam are doing well!

As I type this, I can't think of the last time I saw you or Mike. Actually, it was probably April's wedding back in November. Since I go to CPH now, I hardly ever see any FBCers.

Be good! I'll be reading you soon :-)