Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kansas Visit

We just returned from a fun weekend in Kansas with Mike's side of the family. We always enjoy our visits with them and are always sad to leave. It was good to get back home and relax tonight, though. Tomorrow starts WAY too early with Body Pump.... I'm already in much prayer for my muscles since I've been off for several days.

Here are a couple pictures from the weekend.

On Friday while Daddy and Grandpa and two Uncles were out golfing, Nana and I went to take the munchkins to Deanna Rose. It's a great little place to take kids to get up close and personal with lots of animals. They all loved it and I'm sure we'll be making a trip again soon.

Rachel needed to be three years old to ride this fine fella and you'd have thought her heart was broken in a million pieces when I told her she couldn't ride the pony. So the nice girls there let her come over and pet the pony. That satisfied her for a few minutes, but once she realized petting was as good as it was going to get, the tears came in full force. Like to have broken my heart, too!!

And this was our vain attempt at a good family picture. Rachel had a dolphin in her hand and thought that was MUCH more interesting than looking at Grandpa holding the camera. Oh well. Good thought, though, Grandpa! We'll try again another time.

And we've made it back home to Arkansas tonight and will be retiring early. Tomorrow is back to the grindstone. But thanks for a GREAT weekend Grandpa and Nana and all the gang! We love you guys and can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!!


Carbon said...

Why do they make such stoopid rules like that? Can't they just let you walk alongside the pony holding her your girl in place for the ride? I'm sure my daughter would have easily held on? That's just mean.

Glad the trip went well otherwise!

Superchikk said...

If little Rachel wants to ride a "pony," you should take her out to my Mom's - there's no age restriction there and they'd love to have you.