Friday, June 02, 2006

A Little Disappointment

I'm a little disappointed today. My husband called yesterday and said, "pray for me about 3:00 today because I'm going to be meeting with {complex manager}". He had a feeling it would be a conversation, or rather a turn down, on the big job he applied for. He was correct. After going through a 3 month interviewing process and being one of the final 2 candidates, he was passed over for this job. He was beginning to think in the past couple weeks that it would be the other guy that was chosen, but it was confirmed yesterday.

On the surface and in my mind logically, it really doesn't make sense why he didn't get it. They announced the final 2 guys about 2 months ago and he's been under scrutiny, so to speak, for the past couple months. He's had some super feedback from the complex manager as well as MANY other people in the company. He's had tons of employees at the plant say things like, "Hey Boss Man" or "I guess we should start calling you Sir now, huh?" or things of that nature for a while now and he always would try and dismiss them saying that nothing was decided yet, but in everyone's mind, it was all but decided and the announcement was just a formality. The other candidate is from Indiana and will be starting Monday, so it's obvious he's known for a while, which is another thorn because they waited until basically the last minute to inform Husband.

The reason he was given that the other guy was chosen over him was that this guy has more technical skills where the machines and equipment are concerned. Husband was told that his people skills far outweighed this other guy, but the other dude was chosen based on his technical knowledge. I really don't want to be ugly about this, but hello people!!!! Technical skills are a LEARNED thing and I think if my husband can get a masters degree with nearly straight A's the entire time of grad school and all the while still excelling at his job, he can learn how the dang machines run!! I don't think people skills can be learned in quite the same way. Plus the other guy doesn't know the people in this plant and have the rapport with them like my husband does. AND the other guy has to be moved clear from Indi-freakin-ana!!

So, see, on the surface, it just doesn't make sense. The thing that just kinda tugged at my heart yesterday was when Husband told me with a disappointed look on his face, "I just really felt like this is what I was supposed to do." Maybe the job isn't what he was supposed to do, but more the process. Kinda like what our pastor has been saying in recent days about his nomination for the SBC thing, he's just being obedient to the fact that he knows God has called him to accept the nomination and if the position comes from that, fine. But at least he's being obedient to God's call of the journey. That's kinda the way I have to look at it in Husband's case. It's disappointing that he didn't get this because seemingly, this would have been a perfect move for him. However, God has to have something better and more suited for him just around the corner. There's a reason and I know that. It's just always difficult to have your pride hurt a bit and to see your husband be disappointed.


SlushTurtle said...

Poor husband. It seems like employers frequently hire the wrong the person for the job. I wonder why that is.

Kristi said...

Want me to take out Indiana? I can make him swim with the fishies. :)

Carbon said...

Well, at least he got some good experience with the interview process and such. I'm sure there is something down the road for him.

Superchikk said...

Sorry to hear about that. It's tough. And I definitely know the feeling. Sure, you're disappointed, but your heart aches for him so much more than your own disappointment. Been there. More than I want to think about.