Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Week In Pictures

This past week has been a fun one around the Langham house.  Today, I was able to sleep in until a cool 7am....when the little two year old that is my son decided it was time to be awake....which means it's time for me or Daddy to be awake.  And guess who's still in bed.  But the other mornings this week, I've been up at 4:15am mostly.  I have to say, I'm QUICKLY becoming addicted to being up that early in the mornings!  I feel like I have SO much more time!  Jillian and I are still on love-hate terms, but you know, we're making it.

I take tons of pictures throughout the week and love looking at people's pics, so I thought I would share a few of mine from the week.

This hot fella decided to go see World War Z last Saturday.  He took Tanner, which is wonderful, because Mama had no. desire. whatsoever. to see that one.  Mike said it was awesome.  We have much different opinions on whether or not a movie is awesome.  But you know, when you're going to see a zombie movie, you have to wear a zombie T-shirt.  I'd say he at least rocked the T-shirt. :)

I have the WONDERFUL privilege to take Rachel & Porter with me to work during the week.  This is such a blessing to be able to have them there.  They are old enough to pretty well entertain themselves during the day, so there's not a ton of supervision that needs to happen.  They are also old enough to help with the day-to-day stuff that has to get done in the Preschool ministry.  Now, I'm not necessarily saying that we employ child labor at our place, but there's lots of "crafts and activities" that we have our kids doing.  They have become masters at using scissors!

One of the things I get to do each week is call through visiting families that have been assigned to me.  Most always these are families that have preschoolers that have visited on Sundays.  I love to talk to new people and help them any way I can, but I have to confess that sometimes this little list gets built up and I get that little overwhelmed feeling.  But this week, with all this START stuff going on, I've decided that I'm not letting loose ends overwhelm me.  I'm doing my best to stay under 20 emails in my inbox at any given time (which sometimes is nearly impossible), and then this list got cleared out.  I get a sense of accomplishment when I can cross things off the proverbial list.

Another AWESOME aspect of my job is that I get to visit new babies (and new mommies and daddies) in the hospital when the arrive.  I LOVE doing this!!!  Especially when they are families that I know well.  In this case, I was able to visit my friend Jill and her husband Brandon as they had precious little Elliott Brooke.  (sidebar: I will never complain about pain EVER after hearing Jill's labor story.  Seriously, not EVER!) This girl is a doll baby and was already rocking a big ol' bow and some chevron.  And I don't know if you can tell, but that little bassinet back there... that dude had a chevron blanket draped over it because Jill didn't want to be drab with the regular hospital blanket they put on there.  Um... I would have NEVER thought to do that!

One evening this week, I was walking out to get in the car and noticed a sight that is somewhat unusual  my neighborhood.  This dude was walking down the street with a backpack on his back, a guitar case to his side, and playing his guitar.  Just as normal as anything.  Now I wouldn't have batted an eye had I been walking in NYC because this was quite common when I was there (only most of the time, I did see the Cowboy and he was just sporting his skivvies, but still).  But seeing this on my street in Springdale - I had to capture the oddity of it.  He sure seemed to be enjoying himself though.

Oh this little man.  Boy does he test me.  Like, a LOT.  He is never still.  He's always exploring....most of the time in things that I wish he'd not explore.  He really is so smart and super hilarious, which he totally uses to his advantage.  But my goodness, I do love him!  How could you not when you get this.

Yesterday, I went to the airport to see off my friends, the Carneys, who are moving to Malawi to be the director's of Esther's House Orphanage.  I've known for a while that they are moving, but have been in a denial of sorts because I have known that I will see them once or twice a week.  Well, yesterday, there was no more, "I'll see ya Sunday".  Y'all.  That was difficult.  It's not like they are going for a mission trip and will be back soon.  No.  They are MOVING to Africa!  It was especially hard for this week family because we have been on such a similar journey with our foster kids.  They have 2 precious girls that they just adopted through foster care.  We all got our kids right around the same time and were at similar places all during the process until adoption.  So Lacey and I have bonded through that process even more.  But to know they will be in Malawi taking care of even more orphans and widows... let's just say the fact that I haven't been back to Africa in 14 years is about to change.  There's no more putting off going back.  There's always been a pull back to that place since I visited in 1999.  It was a life changing experience for sure.  For this girl who had never really been anywhere, it made me understand in a whole new way that Jesus loves ALL the children of the world and that worship wasn't just restricted to the USA.  God was evident even in the bush of Africa.  And I can't wait to go back.

I don't know who all will read this, or who would care much, but it's nice to be able to write a bit.  And if just for my extended relatives, this will be a bit more than 140 characters at a time to know what's going on with my crazy family.

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Shelly said...

It was good that Tanner was able to go to the movies with her Dad. It's also good that she was there to babysit the littles while you had your meetings or Mike was at the gym.

She's a good kid.