Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Husband's Quotes

So my husband is in Minnesota and he said it's not THAT cold. "You could probably stand outside a good half hour in shorts and a T-Shirt before you fell over dead.  Actually, you probably wouldn't FALL over because you'd be frozen to the ground."

And then there was a bit of silence so I asked him what he was doing, to which he answered, "I was just waiting until the car warmed up so I could touch the steering wheel without getting frost bite."

It's cold people.  REALLY cold.  I've never known it to be this cold in AR and I haven't ever been as far north as MN where the high tomorrow is supposed to be -3 I think he said.  Freakin burr.

Thank God for shelter and for luxuries like a fireplace insert with a blower and a husband who took the time to cut wood several months ago and then stack a bunch of it in our sunroom so I could keep a fire going continually.  I am NOT taking that for granted for sure!  I'm counting my many blessings...

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