Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Good Day

Today has been a good day so far.  Knock on wood.

I was able to have a good time with the Lord this morning before any of my family was out of bed.  I do love some Old Testament, but still, there are questions.  And let me just go ahead and put it out there that Moses is totally a man when he's writing this.... He just skimmed over the whole lot of the stories!  Not NEAR enough details!!  Now, if God had chosen a woman to write it, it would have been about a thousand times longer....which is probably why only men authored the books of the Bible.  Hmmm....  Did I just say that? :)  Although, I must say, I'm not sure about Ruth.  That's a much more chick-flick type book than the other books.  If Ruth was a movie, I'm sure my husband would find an excuse not to go see it because it would be a girl movie.  I'm just sayin'.

I did have to rush a bit before school because I didn't have as much time to get myself ready as I would have liked because Rachel and Porter couldn't wear PJ's to school - that would have just been a teensy bit inappropriate.  Thank God they were having something at school that Rachel would eat - school lunch it is today, baby girl!  Woohoo!!  Thank you, Walker Elementary, for serving spaghetti today!  You saved me from a breakdown!

I got to go to our first session of our Bible study today at church.  We're doing Believing God by Beth Moore.  It is going to be AWESOME!!  All of Beth's studies are just incredible and I know this one is going to follow suit, so I'm excited!  And I have a table full of awesome ladies with me through this journey!  I know God has placed each of them at my table for a reason and I'm anxious to see that played out over the next several weeks.

After Bible study, one of our precious ladies offered to take us all to lunch at Mad Pizza in Rogers.  Um, let me just say - YUM-O and a huge THANK YOU to Diane for allowing us all to enjoy that time together and that yummy pizza!!  For this girl who was headed home to a PB&J and also pinching the life out of every penny these days, that was a blessing!!  And I loved visiting with everyone there.  It was a sweet time of fellowship.

Now I'm sitting here typing away, listening to a bit of music and am about to do a little cleaning while I can get it in during Porter's nap.  We are eating out of our pantry and freezer for the next couple of week and are going to try to go to the store as little as possible, so I've got to get all creative for dinner tonight.  I'm about to do what my friend Jennifer did and make and freeze several meals so that we'll have them for the week.  LOVE THAT! I'm totally going to copy you, girl!

And for those who may not know, I'm a major huge fan of American Idol!  I mean, major huge like I voted for Kris Allen over 300 times for the finale last year.  With my votes and Mike's put together, we voted over 600 times for dear Kris.  And OBVIOUSLY, it paid off - cause who's the American Idol?!  Yep.  Exactly.  So I will be watching tonight.  And we can only hope there is another good laugh or two in there like we got last week with the dude singing something about pants on the ground.  Yeah, if you haven't seen that yet, you must youtube it!!  It will bless you, I promise.

I'm off to get a few things doen before Porter wakes up and Rachel gets home from school.  Gotta make hay while the sun's still shinin'.

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Robyn said...

We've been doing the pantry challenge this month. It's been fine up until this point. Next week will get interesting, though!

Glad to hear bible study went well! I had no doubts :)